#New Features

The latest and greatest features and updates we have released for the Art Storefronts online art gallery platform.


Live Preview with Augmented Reality

Now, anyone, anywhere can try out your art on their walls.

An augmented reality tool purpose-built for artists and photographers. You'll sell more art than ever when your buyers can see what your work will look like on their walls – straight from your website (no app downloads required!).

Your Very Own Marketing Plan

We realized a lot of artists and photographers were just too busy creating art or working full-time jobs, that they just didn't have the time to create and follow a marketing plan. That's where the Art Marketing Calendar comes in.

A look at the Art Marketing Calendar – a powerful tool to help artists stay focused on the marketing tasks that will have the biggest impact on their art business.

Updated Wall Preview Tool

All the major online art galleries have wall preview tools. In this new feature update we added all the popular colors so a potential buyer can see exactly what your art will look like on their wall at home.

The simple idea that just improved the conversion power of our wall preview tool, making it a smarter, easier tool to use.

Sell Anything On ASF Platform

With the addition of Option Categories, you can now sell anything you want on the ASF platform. You can sell your art on anything from calendars, to mugs, to t-shirts. You are no longer limited to selling just your artwork alone.

A new major feature update to the ASF platform, how it will change your business, and some thoughts on how small wins in business and art stack up and become something big.

Growing Your Audience

You can now collect email addresses right on your site with the built-in lead capture tool. This is a powerful tool because most people won't buy your art on the first visit to your site. It's crucial to capture their email address and grow your audience, so that they will come back to your site later.

An introduction to our new, powerful lead capture tool – why we developed it, and how it will help you get more sales.

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