[new feature] Live Preview AR Update: Prev/Next Buttons
live preview update

[new feature] Live Preview AR Update: Prev/Next Buttons

Announcing “Previous” and “Next” buttons for rapid image browsing in AR – a small Live Preview improvement with big implications to your bottom line.


Live Preview just got that much more effective.

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The purpose of this quick feature update is to drive home this point:

We want to make it super easy for Art Buyers to try different pieces of art on their walls.

We know how important seeing multiple images can be to creating an emotional connection with a buyer. The kind where they see the piece and instantly imagine their future life – entertaining their friends at a dinner party, say, with that image as the centerpiece of their wall. Love at first sight. 

So we added simple "previous" and "next" buttons right into the Augmented Reality user interface, so that your buyers can simply click the button and try out the next image in your catalog. 

See it in action in the video below:


Did you notice that in just 30 seconds, this buyer was able to try 5 different art pieces right on their wall in their own home?

Then, after finding the perfect option, they were able to exit straight onto the product page where they quickly customized their order and added it to their cart. 

How amazing is that?