[new feature] Easy-to-Export PDF Sales Sheets for Art Fairs

[new feature] Easy-to-Export PDF Sales Sheets for Art Fairs

Generate a beautiful PDF Sales Sheets that detail your pricing options to hand out at art fairs.

Whether you're a fine artist or a photographer, you'll likely display your art at least one art fair, show, gallery exhibition, or festival this year. 

And at that event, you'll likely be asked one key question over and over: what do your prints cost?

That's kind of a big question, because your prices vary based on the piece, the size, substrate, framing options, etc.

Do they want a photo print? Canvas? Metal? How big? Where will it be shipped to? 

Today's new feature is all about saving you time in this exact situation.

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No back-and-forth needed, just ask what piece(s) they like, and hand them a copy of the relevant pricing sheet – simply designed documents you generated automatically straight from your Art Storefronts site.

We grab your pricing options, lay them all out elegantly, and give it to you as a PDF to share with your potential customers.

Here's what else is included on the Sales Sheets:

  • Your business's logo to maintain your branding.
  • Your ASF Trust Badge to reassure the customer their order is safe with you.
  • An image of the piece to remind them what they liked at your booth.
  • The URL where they can find the piece on your website.
  • A QR code that, when scanned with their phone, will direct them to the piece's product page on your site.

That's it! It's a dead simple feature, but an indispensable little time saver going into the art show season.

Customers: How to Export PDF Sales Sheets

To learn how to export a Sales Sheet from your Art Storefront's site, just follow this support article.