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Before You Get Started...

Did you know that improving your web copy can convert more web visitors into inquires, and ultimately, into buyers?

Before you start writing, learn the 3 fundamental rules of selling, and how to use them to increase your sales.

The 3 C's you must put in your website copy - clarity about what you offer and who it’s for, client-focused web copy, and clear calls to action.

Making Your Website Stand Out

In an oversaturated art market, you must learn how to make your website unique and memorable.

To stand out from the crowd as an artist, first identify what makes you different.

Next, convey warmth and approachability on your art website to make your work more memorable.

Then, by using attractive client-focused web copy, connect with your ideal customers.

Headlines & Taglines

Writing attractive headlines and taglines can immediately catch the attention of your web visitor from the get-go.

What a perfect headline looks like, how important it is, and a number of different tips/hacks to improve yours.

Writing the perfect art business tagline starts with understanding what a tagline should and shouldn’t do.

Improving the Rest of Your Website Content

Your website must contain compelling copy that creates an emotional connection with your buyers.

7 tips for artists to write strong web content that connects with readers and drives sales.

A professional copywriter's advice on how to make the most of the text on your home page and category pages.

[VIDEO] How to create strong calls to action and what to put on your homepage to drive sales.

Understanding buyer psychology, and 3 steps to write an effective product description that creates an emotional experience for your buyers.

Email Marketing Copy

Creating and sending consistent emails to sell your art is very important, especially during the holiday buying season.

How to keep your audience engaged, how often you should email, and some ideas on what to write about to sell your art.

The necessity of holiday email marketing, how crucial it is to art sellers, and our best advice on how to approach it before it's too late.

Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns

You must send out holiday emails. Learn how to set up and execute your holiday promotions.

A simple breakdown of how to go about setting up and sending your audience a Black Friday email, plus a free MailChimp template to get you started. Apply this plan to all the other holidays.

Looking for a specific holiday? Check out these holiday email campaigns below:

Copywriting Audit Videos

Live video demonstrations of applying copywriting best practices on artist websites.

[VIDEO] Pro copywriter Kimberly Houston lends her expertise in this series of three copywriting audits for artists - how to write a strong home page, bio, and more.

[VIDEO] An art website copywriting audit, basic web copy tweaks that will help you get better results and convert more browsers into buyers.

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Live video demonstrations of applying copywriting best practices on artist websites.


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