[new feature] Printable Art Catalogs with Augmented Reality

Two of our most popular features collide in this feature update that allows your art buyers to scan a QR code from your printed art catalog to view your work in AR wherever they are.


We fill most of our days around here talking about selling art online

And for good reason! It's likely the greatest goldmine opportunity fine artists and photographers have ever seen.

Despite the massively growing online market, there are still several key situations where sales are being made offline. Primarily:

1. Art Shows
2. Commercial Sales
3. Collector Home Visits
4. Gallery Pitches

All of these situations involve consulting buyers in person, and for this there is no better tool than the printed art catalog

printable art catalog

Photographers and artists have been creating these documents manually for decades, and so we knew we had to make it simple, fast, and automated for them.

Our printable art catalog tool is built right into the back-end of your Art Storefronts website and allows you to simply select which categories of your collection you want to include, select a paper size to print on, and generate the PDF.

We do the rest – laying out your work beautifully and including all relevant information on the pieces. 

We've taken this feature a step further by giving you the option to print QR codes right into the catalog

QR codes for artists

You can have the QR code direct to the Wall Preview Tool, but we recommend having to link directly into Live Preview with Augmented Reality.

Here's a use case: 

You've been asked to fill a local business's office with a selection of large scale art prints and you're meeting with the CEO and the office manager to decide on which piece will be hung in the entryway to the building. 

You give them 3 options, but they're having trouble choosing, saying "I just can't quite imagine what it'll look like when it's here in person." 

With your printed art catalog in hand, you can fix this issue in seconds. Just flip to the image they want to try out, have them scan the QR code, and just like that they'll be viewing that piece on their own wall in Augmented Reality. 

art storefronts ar

Using AR, they move the piece around the wall, finding the perfect spot for it and then dial in the size they want. Having seen how it will feel in the room, they make a decision with confidence and place an order on the spot. 

Of course, you don't have to land a giant commercial contract to make use of this feature.

Maybe you're at an art show and want to show a customer a piece that you didn't physically bring with you to the show. Just flip to the image in the catalog, and...you get the idea.

This is a feature born directly from the requests of our users, and early feedback has been strong:

Get your hands on it, and everything else Art Storefronts offers photographers and fine artists, by requesting a demo today.

Now I have a coach that keeps telling me 'go, go, go!' and pushes me to do the stuff that I need to do.

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