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Just Getting Started?

First things first: you need to start an account and start posting. In the podcast below we go over a technique you can use to ignite your creativity and generate ideas for what to post on Instagram.

Regardless of what type of artist you are, coming up with creative ideas is easy with this technique.

Building Your Audience With Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are the bubbles that ride along the top of your Instagram timeline. 

Images and short videos posted to your Story stack into a slideshow that is only viewable for 24 hours.

This makes them the perfect opportunity to build your audience with casual storytelling.

Instagram artist story
Instagram stories

Still need convincing? Listen to this podcast episode for a whole bunch of reasons artists need to be using Stories.

Then, check out this post to learn how to post to your Story, and see a few of our favorite examples of effective Instagram Stories from artists and photographers.

Timelapse Videos

These eye-catching videos are perfect for your Instagram Story.

Why artists should be creating timelapse videos for Instagram, how to do it with Instagram’s Hyperlapse app, and some additional equipment and strategy tips.

Direct Messaging

Listen to these podcast episodes to learn best practices for direct messaging content curators.

What About Instagram Ads?

Advertising on Instagram is a powerful and effective tool for getting your art in front of more eyes.

How one artist leveraged his popular Instagram posts as ads, gaining over 3,000 new followers and driving 688% more traffic to his site in the process.

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