Art Business Strategy Overview

Art Business Strategy Overview Q1 2022 (January – March) SUMMARY: The first quarter is essential for generating momentum for a successful year. The early art-selling holidays bring in major sales opportunities, while a proper lead generation strategy will fuel your business with the art buyers you will sell to in Q2 and beyond. PRIORITIES: Kick off […]

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Merchandising 101: A Broad Primer on How to Avoid a HUGE Art-Selling Mistake

Merchandising 101: A Primer on How to Avoid a HUGE Art-Selling MistakeSo so many artists and photographers get this completely wrong. With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to audit your thinking and change your business for the better. Enjoy Patrick’s advice?Here’s how to get his input on YOUR art/photo business.👇👇👇LIVE Art Business Consulting […]

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How to price your art (commissions, prints, originals, limited editions)

How to price your art? Guide for artists and photographers

How to price your art?How to price painting? How to price commission art? How to price photography prints? These are essential questions, and thank you for asking that. Your pricing will affect how potential buyers perceive your art and affect your sales. It’s not the only thing that determines your success, but it is strongly […]

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A look at what artwork is selling THIS WEEK.

A look at what artwork is selling THIS WEEK.We’re often asked for examples of what artwork is selling at the moment, so we thought we’d put together a big collage for you. Here’s a sampling of some of the artwork Art Storefronts members sold THIS WEEK.Pretty cool, right?The thing I find most interesting about it – there’s […]

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Building a Direct Art Business: The way artists currently selling $100k/yr are doing it

SELLING ARTBuilding a “Direct” Art Business — The way artists currently selling $100k/yr are doing itMost of the successful artists and photographers today won’t be found in magazines or high-end galleries…Makiko Harris, Art Storefronts member since 2020…You’ll find them at home – in the studio, or on the computer, running their own businesses that generate […]

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The Rare Opportunity (A Letter for Artists from CEO Nick Friend)

The Rare Opportunity (A Letter for Artists from CEO Nick Friend)The state of the art market, the revolutionary changes it’s gone through in the past year, and how to get ahead of the game while there’s still time.

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Jenny Mcgee hits $100k in sales – the model she used

Jenny Mcgee hits $100k in sales — and inspires us allThe critical thing Jenny Mcgee learned this year after hitting $100,000 in art sales from her website: In the age of customer experience, you had better be equipped with the art-selling features that art buyers expect you to have.

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The Pivot What is it and why you need to start doing it yesterday

The Pivot: What It Is and Why You Need to Start Doing It YESTERDAYThe subject matter pivot, why it’s such an important strategy for painters AND photographers in 2022, examples, and how to get started. REQUEST A DEMO Popular PostsThe 7 Cornerstone Features Your Website Needs to Sell Art OnlineHow Artist Megh Knappenberger sold $200,000+ […]

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2020 A Year in Review: The Perfect Storm for Art & Photography Sales

2020 A Year in Review:The Perfect Storm for Art & Photography SalesThe struggles, the changes, and the unexpected growth of the art market.How we and our 4,500+ members approached adapting on the fly to the new ways of selling art. And what it all portends for 2021.  HOW WE HELP REQUEST A DEMO Popular PostsThe 7 […]

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Artists: Get print fulfillment stresses OFF your plate

Artists: Get Print Fulfillment Stresses OFF Your PlateHaving robust print fulfillment in place — that you can trust and rely on — becomes crucial when you start selling a lot of art.  How do you get it? Artists: Get print fulfillment stresses OFF your plate. Growing an art business is hard enough already. There are so […]

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