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Just Getting Started?

Before doing anything else, install the Facebook Pixel. Doing this today will help you big time in the future.

Follow along with this video tutorial to learn what the Facebook Pixel is and how to get it generated and installed on your site.

What to Post?

The big question we hear all the time – what should I be posting on Facebook?
What's interesting? What works? We cover it all in the podcast episode below:

Why it's so important to be sharing your work and storytelling on Facebook (and Instagram), ideas of what to post, and how to find your niche community.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook Ads are an excellent way to bring more traffic to your site, as well as convert your fans into buyers. But most artists fail at it. Listen to the two introductory episodes below to find out why:

At this point in your journey on Facebook, you should have (1) installed the Facebook Pixel and (2) learned the difference between cold, warm, and hot traffic.

If you've got those two points covered, you're ready to start advertising.

One of the first things you'll want to do is import your email list to Facebook to show Ads to them. 

Curious how we approach advertising on Facebook? We share our favorite approach to it in this blog post.

Advanced Techniques

Ready for more? The below techniques are slightly more advanced, but they also can be incredibly powerful and are therefor definitely worth learning.

Good news, you've discovered one of the most powerful tactics available to artists, and we made this epic, step-by-step guide to show you how.

Advertise like the pros with this technique that combines Facebook Ads with email marketing.

Learn how to target your Ads based on where your target audience lives. It is not immediately clear you can do this on Facebook, so learning this method should give you an edge over local competition.

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