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[new feature] On-Site Content Builder

It’s now easier than ever to build beautiful landing pages on Art Storefronts.


As your art business grows, you'll find all sorts of reasons to add new pages to your website.

This feature is all about making that process fast and easy, as well as giving you beautiful results. 


Beyond the simple content blocks that make page creation super speedy, you also have access to a vast library of pre-made content templates.

These templates turn the lengthy process of building an attractive and effective landing page into a matter of clicks.

Just select a template you like and edit it to insert your own language and media. Done. 


Need an FAQ page? Done.

Want to summarize your product offerings? Done. 

Tell people where to find your work? Done. 

Spruce up your bio? Done. 

Want to transfer a nice layout you've created from one page to another? You can easily do that too.

The On-Site Content Builder is offered as an alternative to our "What You See Is What You Get" editor, which offers an experience similar to building pages in Microsoft Word.

You can create your pages with either, but we think once you try the On-Site builder, there'll be no going back.

And it's just one of the many tools and features we've engineered specifically to make photographers' and artists' jobs easier. Find out what you're missing.

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For Art Storefronts Members:
How to Use the On-Site Content Builder


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