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[new feature] Powerful New Automation Possibilities with Mailchimp 3.0

A new integration between Mailchimp and Art Storefronts that introduces new opportunities to level up your email marketing strategy while saving you time.


Whether you already love marketing automation, or don't know a thing about it but do know you love saving time, this feature is going to change the game for you.

We could just give you the technical details, but to properly illustrate just how powerful this update is, think of it like this: You just added a new marketing assistant to your team.

This assistant has just one responsibility: make your email strategy way, way smarter.

And they don't just work for you Monday–Friday, they're available 24/7 - keeping an eye on your list of art buyers even while you're asleep. 

Welcome to Mailchimp 3.0 with Art Storefronts.

Let's talk about what it can do, starting with one of the most requested features relating to email we've ever received from our members:

Abandoned Cart Recovery

It's here! Now, when a visitor comes to your website, finds an image they love, adds it to their cart and then....wanders off, you can automatically send out an abandoned cart email that will attempt to win back their business. You could even offer them a special deal to help close the sale.

This is such an important tactic to automate because it depends on response time and consistency - two things you can't guarantee if you are doing it manually. Because sometimes life gets in the way - you miss a couple weeks and lose a few sales as a result of it. No more.

This high ROI activity is now taken care of for you.

Smarter Subscriber Segmentation

automation for artists

At a minimum, you should already be tagging your customers in your email service provider so that you can market to them differently from your leads (non-customers). 

With this functionality, you can go beyond that and have your subscribers automatically tagged when they do certain things on your website. This can lead to all sorts of awesome wins. Here are a few examples that our marketing team is the most excited about:

Automatically tag my subscribers that use Live Preview with Augmented Reality

This automation would allow you to automatically segment your users that launch your Live Preview tool. This is a great idea because viewing an image in AR is an excellent indicator that the visitor is serious about buying your work. 

It's definitely an event you want to know about, and now you will. 

Not only could you then reach out to each of those users individually, you could also reach out to them collectively should you want to send them a different version of an email or offer.

Automatically tag my subscribers that add a piece to their Favorites

Another huge signal that the visitor is thinking hard about a purchase. Perfect time to check if they have any questions or perhaps could use some advice on selecting a media type/size/etc. 

Automatically tag my subscribers that click a specific link in an email

Photographers that offer services and prints on your website: now you have a super easy way to automatically start segmenting your list in order to contact the right group at the right time.

Artists that run classes: now you'll know who's interested, and who wants to receive future updates, all without having to ask.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Altogether, Mailchimp API 3.0 + Art Storefronts is a match made in heaven for photographers/artists looking to maximize their sales while minimizing their time spent at the computer marketing their work.

And the fun is just getting started. 

Our marketing team is hard at work cooking up new tactics and hacks using this integration to help you grow your list, get better usable information about your subscribers, and, as always, sell more art. 

Is your current website offering you the latest in email automation technology and coaching on how to actually use it?

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For Art Storefronts Members: How to Enable 3.0

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