Benefits of Using the Wholesale Orders Feature

The purpose of placing wholesale orders through your Art Storefronts site and the benefits of using the wholesale orders feature.


As Art Storefronts continues to grow, we strive to be the centralized hub of your art business. 

We want to make your life as an artist or photographer as easy as possible. And we want your business as a whole to be as successful as possible. 

ASF is not just the best solution to sell your art online; it's the best solution to manage your entire art business.

If you're familiar with our journey, you know it all started with the software. We created websites built to sell art online. Websites packed with art-selling features that rival any other website platform out there. Features like Live Preview with Augmented Reality.

But we realized this wasn't enough. There was still something missing in the art selling industry. And that was the art marketing education to go along with the software.

So we became a marketing education company. Our customers' success is our success. And for our customers to become successful, they need to know how art is sold online. They need to implement the best practices that are already working for other pros.

We built an entire Success Ecosystem based on selling art online. One of the major resources in this ecosystem is our private art marketing community. 

In our private FB group, artists and photographers collaborate on everything art marketing. They get real-time advice from ASF marketing experts, and they pass advice along to each other as well. 

But art isn't just sold online. Many times a website is a tool that produces sales at art shows and art fairs, and at gallery showings. So, logically, the next step was to start providing features to help with selling art offline also.

The Wholesale Orders feature is one of those features.

What’s the purpose of placing wholesale orders through Art Storefronts?

The purpose of the Wholesale Orders feature is to make it easier for you to run your art business.

You place the wholesale order with your current fulfillment vendor. You pay no transaction fees. And everything stays centralized in your Art Storefronts Site Manager. 

It's never been easier to stock up for art show and art festivals. It's never been so convenient to stock a gallery you're represented in. Any time you need stock for offline events, the Wholesale Orders feature will benefit you.

What are the benefits of placing wholesale orders through Art Storefronts?

There are a lot of positive benefits to using the Wholesale Orders feature. Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits.

1 ) No Transaction Fees!

The number one reason to place a wholesale order through Art Storefronts is that there’s no transaction fees… zero… none! You pay nothing extra, beyond what the print costs to make when you place a wholesale order.

2) Ease-of-Use

It’s as easy as logging-in to your account and selecting the pieces you want to order. 

You go through the ordering process just like your customer would. You’re able to choose the media type, the size, and then the style finishes (like matting) and frame options.

You don’t have to go to any other website to do this. You can simply do it through your own site.

3) Existing Relationship with the Print Vendor

When you place a wholesale order through ASF, you get to work with a vendor we already have a relationship with. We work closely with our print vendors to make sure you have the best experience possible. 

Part of that experience includes exclusive discounts just for ASF customers, like the one in the screenshot below.

You can take advantage of these sales by purchasing stock for shows and galleries – turning those savings into additional profit.

4) Print Consistency

You can ensure that the quality and color consistency of your prints meets your approval. We only approve print vendors who use the highest quality materials. And when all your prints come from one print vendor, your customers will always get a consistent product.

5) Signing Limited Edition Prints

A question we hear a lot is: if I use automated print fulfillment, how will I sign my prints?

By placing a wholesale order! Simply have it sent to your house, where you'll sign the print, repackage it, and send it off to your happy customer.

6) Maintain Records for Taxes

Come tax season, you’ll thank yourself for keeping all your business records in one location. 

No need to input a bunch of loose receipts into your tax software. Just log-in to your Art Storefronts account, and everything you need is right there.

Final Thoughts

The Wholesale Orders feature makes the lives of artists and photographers easier. 

It will simplify your art business and save you time. Valuable time you can spend elsewhere: like making more art. 🙂

Ready to place your first wholesale order? 

Go here to get started with your first wholesale order.

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