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[new feature] – Countdown Timer to Increase Conversions on Holiday Discount Expiration

Add urgency to your holiday promotion and boost conversions with this easy-to-implement countdown timer.

Remembering to buy your spouse a piece of art for Christmas? Easy.

Remembering to buy your spouse a piece of art in time for it to actually arrive by Christmas? A lot easier said than done.

This easy-to-implement feature is purpose-built for the holiday season – a time when selling art is never easier, if you have an edge over the competition.

One such edge is having a handy timer at the top of every page of your art gallery website.

art storefronts holiday feature

Why would you want such a timer?

  • Black Friday is approaching, and your timer is a constant reminder that your juiciest offer of the year is expiring soon.
  • It’s Christmas time, and the top of your website displays the last possible minute to buy in order to get it wrapped and under the tree by Christmas morning.
  • You’re launching a new limited edition series of prints. What better way to hype up the occasion than with a timer counting down the seconds until your audience has their chance at making a purchase before the series sells out?
  • No matter the holiday or event, a countdown timer is an established and proven tool to boost conversions.

    By keeping urgency at top of mind, it’s one more way to push your site visitors towards a purchase.

    Art Storefronts customers can add a countdown timer to their site right now – learn how in this knowledge base article.


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