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42: Instagram Live – How to Do It and Why You Should

42: Instagram Live – How to Do It and Why You ShouldAfter running 50+ livestreams in the past couple of months, we’ve realized it might be the best possible way for artists and photographers to bring in free attention right now. Subscribe Show Notes Rate and Review the Art Marketing Podcast on iTunesMore episodes of […]

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41: Facebook Ads For Photographers and Artists

Facebook Ads for Photographers and ArtistsWhere to get started with Facebook and Instagram ads, why it should be a pillar of your art marketing strategy, and how you should actually go about it Subscribe Three Artists In An Elevator…I just got into an elevator with three artists: a painter, a photographer, and a graffiti artist.  […]

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40: Your Art Marketing New Years Resolution: Move Your Attention Around

Your Art Marketing New Years’ Resolution: Move Your Attention AroundAttention was hard to get in ’19 and it’s gonna be even harder in ’20. In this episode: What the smart artist is gonna do about it, and I proffer up a New Years’ Resolution for you. Subscribe 2019 is About Over  and a New Decade […]

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039: Omni-Channel Marketing (A Key Q4 Strategy)

039: Omni-Channel Marketing (A Key Q4 Strategy)The Q4 holiday season is all about running your best sale of the year – but how should you get the word out? Meet the omni-channel marketing playbook.Plus: What to do about paid traffic for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Subscribe Show Notes VIDEO: How to Email Unsold Carts […]

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q4 prep list

038: Q4 Is Coming and It’s Gonna Be Your Biggest Yet, Here’s Your Prep List

038: Q4 Is Here and It’s Gonna Be Your Biggest Yet: Here’s Your Prep ListThe biggest art-selling time of the year is right around the corner, and it’s time to start preparing for it. Here’s our official prep list for 2019 – every task you should do NOW in order to maximize your art sales […]

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art merchandising

037: Art Merchandising + Additional Revenue Sources

037: Art Merchandising + Additional Revenue SourcesWhy the proper merchandising of your artwork can make all the difference, and thinking outside the box to expand your revenue sources and generate additional income. Subscribe Show NotesFor an example of awesome merchandising, check out how Mathieu Laca shows off his metal prints in this video. Rate and […]

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artist pop-ups

036: Pop-Ups? Yes, Pop-Ups!

036: Pop-Ups? Yes, Pop-Ups!A rant on attention, a analogy on pop ups, and why whether you like them or not you need to be using them Subscribe Show Notes Rate and Review the Art Marketing Podcast on iTunesTranscribe Read the transcribe Coming soon! Brought To You By Art StorefrontsWe help artists & photographers open and […]

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finding art buyers

035: The Cost of Acquiring Your Customers

035: The Cost of Acquiring Customers for ArtistsThe cost to acquire a customer, why I can afford to lose $ on them and you can’t, and some strategy and perspective on how to best approach your marketing. Subscribe Show Notes Just how effective are these print giveaway contests? Here’s how it worked for Megh. Here’s how […]

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black friday marketing

034: Learning from Black Friday 2018

 34: Learning from Black Friday 2018With the hottest eCommerce week of the year behind us, we take a look at the most important lessons we learned and how you can implement them to massively improve your next art promotion. Subscribe Show Notes For more on validating your work: Episode 13 and Episode 14.For more on […]

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getting started facebook ads

033: Using Facebook Ads WITHOUT a Warm Audience

033: Using Facebook Ads WITHOUT a Warm AudienceJust getting started with Facebook Ads, or don’t yet have a warm audience? Here’s how to add a little more data and a lot more confidence to your strategy. Subscribe Show Notes SUPPLEMENTAL VIDEO: How to point multiple ads to the same Facebook/Instagram post.What’s a “warm audience”? Start […]

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