Our best blog posts and video tutorials on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for artists.

Before You Start: Do Your Research

Don't just guess on what keywords will work best, get some data to back you up!

The crucial step of researching your SEO keywords before picking them, research tricks, and a video walkthrough on using Google’s Keyword Research Tool.

SEO Lessons

Class is in session. Check out the in-depth posts and videos below to get your site properly optimized.

Lesson 1

How to view your site analytics on Art Storefronts and what to do with that information – plus how to grow organic traffic with AdWords.

Lesson 2

A guide to creating targeted landing pages with Art Storefronts to expand your reach on Google search results and increase your organic traffic.

Lesson 3

An extensive round-up of SEO best practices on the ASF platform – how to setup SEO on your home page, product pages, and more.

Case Study: This Stuff Works

SEO can be pretty time-intensive, but in the end you're left with a new and completely free source of traffic. Check out this case study to see the impact it made on one artist's site.

A real life case study, some recommended tools, and how you can boost your organic traffic today.

Advanced Tactics

Take your SEO to the next level.

How incorporating Barnacle SEO in your marketing strategy allows you to leverage the trustworthiness and visibility of other websites (ie: Yelp) to boost your own.

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