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Megh Knappenberger

A fine artist that found the perfect niche market to earn consistent sales from.

The day Megh Knappenberger decided to give her painting career a real shot, she had $0.28 in her business account – here's how she found a passionate niche of buyers and made it to $200k+ in her first year.

Jim Livingston

A photographer that used cutting-edge technology to close a big sale. 

How photographer Jim Livingston gained two new customers using Live Preview with Augmented Reality, our newest and most cutting-edge feature yet.

Jim Pescott

A pointillist artist that learned art marketing from scratch and went on to score his first online sale.

Making that first art sale online can be a challenge – here’s a breakdown of how one fine artist pulled it off.

Mathieu Laca

A fine artist using a variety of our marketing tactics to build his audience and generate consistent sales.

A free print giveaway, $150 in ad spend, and 400 messenger subscribers... all in a week.

Mathieu is interviewed on topics such as building an audience, setting price points, and his experience running a print giveaway contest on Facebook using ManyChat.

How Mathieu leveraged his popular Instagram posts as ads, gaining over 3,000 new followers and driving 688% more traffic to his site in the process.

William Stidham

Bill painted in a variety of styles before stumbling on one that works, big time.

Bill Stidham on changing subject matter to find your art niche, and hitting the pavement to build a sustainable online/offline hybrid art business.

Kim Vergil

This abstract artist turned a small online sale into a huge offline sale.

Learn how to combine online and offline art selling tactics. How to stack a number of small wins into a big win.

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