The Upload to Print Tool Adds an Automated Print Studio to Your Business

One of our biggest features yet adds an entire new revenue channel to your art/photo business.

This feature is all about expanding your options for bringing in revenue through your art gallery website.

The Upload to Print Tool (available exclusively on Art Storefronts websites) adds the ability for your site visitors to upload their own images, easily choose media types and sizes, and have them automatically printed and shipped to them.

Just like your own fulfillment, you have total control over which the media types and pricing that are made available to your customers.

→ Why allow your audience to print their own work through your website?

This may seem strange at first, but when you take a closer look at the benefits it starts to become a no-brainer:

  1. It gives you a new revenue channel. Family photos, pet photos, travel pics – once you establish that you offer high-end, easy-to-order printmaking through your website, you gain access to all sorts of new business whenever your audience needs anything printed – not just your own artwork.
  2. It builds your artistic authority. As an artist/photographer, you know print media. You know the trade-offs between the cheap stuff and archival materials. You know what a canvas gallery wrap is. What a metal print looks like. This is valuable expertise you can offer to your audience through your Upload to Print Tool.

    "Don't go to Costco with your family photos – order from my online shop, where I've hand-curated the materials to assure your prints will not only look great but actually last a lifetime." – how great does that sound?
  3. It can be a great compliment to your subject matter. Sports fans can buy a player portrait from the painter and print their own game pics using the artist's Upload to Print. A dog-lover can commission a quirky, professional pet portrait, and then use their Upload to Print Tool to have their candid pet photos printed. A travel hobbyist can buy stunning prints from a professional photographer, and round out their collection with a few amateur shots of their own. More reasons to buy = more orders!

→ What's it look like?

See below - it is a new page that can be added to an Art Storefronts website with one click. The design is based on typical print studio functionality.

→ How's it working?

Really well. Check out this video interview with an artist who recently earned their first sale through the Upload to Print Tool on their website.

This interview is from one of our Art Business Consulting Workshops - another major perk of an Art Storefronts membership

→ How do I get it?

Request a demo! We'll tell you more about Upload to Print, our other cutting-edge features, and our unmatched art marketing program.

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