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Our best blog posts, podcast episodes, and video tutorials on email marketing for artists.  From how you build your list, to what to send them, and more.

Why Market Your Art Via Email?

Not sure what the big deal is with email marketing? Check out our introduction to the topic in the post below. If you don't need convincing, skip to the next section.

The value of email as a marketing channel, how much email the big boys send, and some steps you can take today to get rolling with email marketing.

Building Your List

Before you can begin email marketing, you've got to get your hands on some email addresses. We'll show you how in these two posts:

At Art Shows

Capitalizing on the tried-and-true Fishbowl Technique at art shows – how to collect the leads, and what to do with them afterwards.

On Your Website

The dreaded email pop-up, and why you should be using it - as evidenced by this case study on an artist who generated 824 email opt-ins in 1 month.

Starting At the Top: Subject Lines

The subject line is your chance to ensure your email makes a good first impression. It is the single greatest driver of open rate, and is subsequently one of the most critical elements of creating a winning email.

In this post, learn how to test out your subject lines using MailChimp's A/B testing feature. This technique is super easy to do and is very powerful – a few subscribers will get your subject line "A," a few more get "B," and the bulk of your list will receive the winner of the two.

Ever wondered whether using emojis in your subject lines is a good idea? We discuss it in this post.

How to Craft a Strong Email

You're finally ready to put together your email! Follow along with the posts below for our advice on what to send your audience.

Romance Emails

The successful art seller doesn’t just send emails to their audience with continual discount offers. Instead, they romance them in between offers. Learn how to build a list, what to send them, and a full breakdown of an effective “Romance Email.”

Sales Emails

What a good art sales email looks like, some examples, and an identification and breakdown of the major elements.

Running a Holiday Email Campaign

You should be focused primarily on romance emails, but holidays can be the perfect occasion to send out a sales email. Here's our archive of advice on running a successful holiday campaign.

The necessity of holiday email marketing, how crucial it is to art sellers, and our best advice on how to approach it before it's too late.

A simple breakdown of how to go about running a Black Friday campaign, plus a free MailChimp template to get you started.

Looking for a specific holiday? Check out these holiday email campaigns below:

Advanced Email Tactics

Up for more? These next posts involve more advanced techniques. Nothing too tough, and the results can be epic.

The case for re-sending your email to everyone that didn’t open it, and a step-by-step tutorial in MailChimp on how to do it.

Lead Magnets explained – a nifty tool to make your email marketing list explode with new contacts. Tips and suggestions with a focus on art-selling websites.

A cost-effective technique for artists that merges Facebook Ads with Email Marketing.

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