Artist and Photographer Wins for the Week of May 6, 2018

[success stories] What If You Got 7 New Art Sales the Day AFTER the Art Fair Ended?

That’s exactly what happened with one photographer this past month. Read on to learn about his success and others as well.


Most artists we talk to never get a single sale after a show ends. 

Why? Any number of reasons. But typically it's because they go into the fair or show without a plan.

So what did photographer Mark Hersch do that resulted in 7 sales and 68 new email contacts after the show ended?

He followed the art show playbook. Specifically, he used the fishbowl technique to collect email addresses, and he displayed his site on an iPad he brought to his booth (Step #6 in the post: 11 Tips for Running Successful Art Shows). Both of which had a huge impact on his success at the show. 

It's the little things, which can easily be overlooked, that make the biggest differences. Sometimes that difference is between selling one piece or two pieces during a sale.

Take Susan, for example. She recently offered to bring a painting to the home of a prospective art buyer, so he could see what the painting looked like in his home.

Following Kim's advice in this podcast episode, Susan decided to not only bring the one painting but to bring other paintings as well.

And it paid off. Instead of selling the one painting, she sold two paintings.

The success stories this month were varied. Some had successful art shows. Some sold their first print on their site. And some found success selling originals.

But there's one key factor that all of these success stories share: consistent marketing.

Between art shows, romance marketing, and holiday sales there's always something to do, and it's those who stay consistent with marketing their art that end up reaping the rewards.

Here are the rest of the highlighted wins from this month: