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[Case Study] How Instagram Ads Resulted in a 688% Increase in Traffic

How one artist leveraged his popular Instagram posts as ads, gaining over 3,000 new followers and driving 688% more traffic to his site in the process.


Today's case study is on Mathieu Laca – a contemporary portrait painter from Quebec, Canada. His work is held in private and public art collections in 12 countries across 4 continents.

Mathieu Laca is pictured here in front of his artwork.

The Story

An Artist's Success with Instagram Ads

Mathieu followed Art Storefronts’ best practices and began advertising on Instagram, which led to an increase in his brand awareness, his social followers and the traffic to his site.

New Instagram followers

Increase in traffic

Facebook shares

"It’s nice to have small wins. I intend to advertise on a continuous basis. I see it as an investment now and less as an expense."

Mathieu Laca, Artist

The Goal

Increase Brand Awareness and Traffic

The goal of this campaign was to increase Mathieu's brand awareness and social referral traffic from Instagram and Facebook, by adding Instagram ads to his marketing efforts.

The Solution

Run Successful Instagram Posts as Ads

For this ad campaign, Mathieu took his most popular posts and advertised them on Instagram, running one ad at a time on a continuous basis.

He realized some of his posts were showing as "Top Posts" for the hashtags he was using.

These were the posts he mainly used in his ads, which targeted Instagram users who lived in North America and were interested in the visual arts.

This image shows an example of one of Mathieu Laca's posts that ranked high for #vincentvangoh.

Starting out with $20 per day spend for each ad, Mathieu increased the spend to $100, or even $200 or more, depending on the success of the ad.

The Results

Unique Art + Ads = Success

Hi-Fructose saw one of these ads on Instagram and proceeded to share Mathieu's art on their Facebook page, resulting in 416 shares to date. That equates to thousands of unique impressions, massively increasing his brand awareness across Facebook.

Huffington Post saw another one of his ads and requested permission to use this image on their platforms and in their productions.

After only a couple of months running these ads, Mathieu achieved his goals – increasing his brand awareness and increasing traffic to his site.

This image shows Mathieu Laca's stats, 2 months before and 2 months after starting his Instagram ad campaign.

Final Thoughts & Actionable Learnings

  • Hi-Fructose, a contemporary art magazine, also wrote a blog post sharing Mathieu Laca's art on their site. Chances are he'll get even more backlinks now just from people seeing his art on other sites and social pages and wanting to share it themselves.
  • Start with regular Instagram posts to get some feedback on what content works well with your audience. Take note of your most popular posts and begin by advertising those. Laca also chose to advertise images of his top-selling pieces.
  • For more on Instagram marketing, check out our blog post on effective Instagram Stories for artists. We have also covered Instagram extensively on the Art Marketing Podcast - listen in to a few episodes.
  • For our customers – enjoy use of our exhaustive Instagram Resource Vault.

Doing This Yourself: You Need a Community

If you struggle with:

  • Discovering new strategies like these
  • Learning how to implement them
  • Getting feedback from peers and mentors on whether you're doing things in the right way

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We provide the "collaborative network" necessary for photographers and artists to achieve success. You'll learn exactly what's working, and be able to chat daily with both marketing experts and other artists from around the world to ensure you are always doing tasks that will grow your art business. 

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Now I have a coach that keeps telling me 'go, go, go!' and pushes me to do the stuff that I need to do.

Who is Art Storefronts?

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