[Success Stories] Photographer Jim Livingston Sells Two 12' Murals Using Live Preview with Augmented Reality

Our featured success story this month is about how photographer Jim Livingston gained two new customers using Live Preview with Augmented Reality, our newest and most cutting-edge feature yet.


Earlier this month we released Live Preview with Augmented Reality, our newest and most cutting edge feature to-date, and it's already helping artists and photographers on the Art Storefronts platform make sales.

Take photographer Jim Livingston as one example. He was resting up after surgery. But did that stop him? No.

He got on the phone with a potential customer and guided them through the buying process, while they used the Live Preview with Augmented Reality tool to try out his art on the walls of an assisted living facility, which they were in charge of decorating.

The result? He sold two 12 foot murals.

Not long after he followed the same exact process with another potential customer, this time selling an 84 inch tryptic to be hung at AIG.

Jim had a premonition about the power of Live Preview with Augmented Reality when the feature was first released...

And he turned his excitement into real sales with a proactive attitude and an eye for opportunity.

Even though Jim was preoccupied recovering from a surgery, he was able to show his customers what his art would like like on their walls, without ever having to leave the comfort of his home.

And Jim's not alone. Here's what other Art Storefronts members are saying about the Live Preview with Augmented Reality:

For complete details on the new feature, including a video demo, visit the main page for Live Preview with Augmented Reality.

Jim's sales would not be possible without Live Preview, but there was another factor that fueled his success...

Art Marketing Education & Coaching Success

One of the biggest components of the Art Storefronts platform is the art marketing education and coaching, which is FREE FOR LIFE for all members.

Sticking with Jim for one more example, see for yourself how the art marketing education and coaching has helped him with the success of his art business.

The #SmallWins Facebook group is the central hub of all of this education and coaching. 

And it's not just the ASF marketing team that makes the group so valuable. It's the collaboration between the artists and photographers in there.

Take Carol Parker for instance. She learned about using Photographer's Edge greeting cards as a marketing tool from another member in the group, which directly resulted in a sale.

The best part about the art marketing education is you can learn at your own pace, and you can ask questions or request feedback in the Facebook group whenever you need it.

You can learn more about the art marketing education and coaching Art Storefronts members receive on this page, but let's hone in on one critical aspect.

Art Show Playbook Success

As part of our education, we provide comprehensive marketing playbooks. The Art Show Playbook provides our artists and photographers with the knowledge they need to run successful shows.

Knowledge to grow their audiences...

Knowledge to make sales...

Knowledge, like painting live at the show, to gain attention...

You can learn more about Art Show Playbooks here. But what good is strategy without the right tools to back it up? That's where your website comes in.

Websites Built For Selling Art Success

Selling art online starts with a website. ASF provides feature-rich websites that are built to convert potential customers into art buyers.

But don't take our word for it. Take Mark's.

Learn more about the how ASF websites are set up to convert potential customers into art buyers.

Featured First Sale

Finding success with any business is a long, hard journey. But we've found those who are determined and who stay active in our FB Group do eventually find success.

Here's what Diane had to say about the Facebook Group:

Final Thoughts

These are just a few examples of the success ASF artists and photographers had this month, but there are many more. 

We're proud of all the fine artists and photographers who have leveraged the ecosystem we have created to take control of their art businesses. We are committed to your success, and can't wait to see what you do next.

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