Monthly Digest: What You Missed from February 2018

A round-up of our must-see blog posts, podcast episodes, and more from the month of February, 2018.

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Explore the links below for all of the must-see blog posts and podcast episodes we released in the month of February, and stay tuned for more new art marketing advice coming later this week. 

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Bay Photo Lab Is Now an Officially-Approved Art Storefronts Fulfillment Vendor

Welcoming Bay Photo Lab as the latest print fulfillment vendor on the Art Storefronts platform. Your art, fulfilled automatically by one of the industry’s best.

How Pointillist Artist Jim Pescott Got His First Online Art Sale

Making that first art sale online can be a challenge – here’s a breakdown of how one fine artist pulled it off.

Beware Lists of Art Buyers for Sale – Why They Don’t Work

The magical “list of art buyers” for sale, why you should avoid them, and how to build a list of your own.

VIDEO: Strategy Thoughts for Abstract Artists

How to think about building your audience, how the most successful abstract artists approach this, and more ASF goodness.


022: Doing Things That Don’t Sale

Making the case for doing things that would never work if your art business grows larger, and why these marketing tasks can actually be some of the most powerful. 

023: How Artist Megh Knappenberger Sold $200,000+ in Her First Year

The day Megh Knappenberger decided to give her painting career a real shot, she had $0.28 in her bank account – here's how she found a passionate niche of buyers and made it to $200k+ in her first year.


Congratulations to Tischer Photographic Gallery for the sale of At Day's End for $1,300!

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