Breakdown of Cyber Monday Art Sales

In this post we breakdown every action and event that led to three different sales on Cyber Monday.

In this post we're going to look at three different sales made by photographers and artists on the Art Storefronts platform during Cyber Monday this year. 

Using the Detective feature, I'm going to break down the timeline of events leading up to each sale, giving you the insight as to how these sales actually happened.

1. Cameron Schmitz - 32x30 Oil on Canvas Original Sold For $966

Cameron sold this 32x30 original oil painting on canvas during her Cyber Monday Sale for $966.

Here's How It Happened

Cameron announced her upcoming Cyber Monday sale on Nov. 19th via this Instagram post.

The customer saw this post and clicked on the link in Cameron's Instagram bio (Referrer), leading her to Cameron's Cyber Monday Sale page (Landing Page). She did this on her iPhone using the Mozilla internet browser (Device Type + User Agent).

After viewing a few different products, the customer added the piece to her cart.

Then she signed up for Cameron's email list...

...and placed the order.

Using Detective, we can see that this sale happened as a direct result of Cameron's Instagram post, and that the customer used her iPhone – which is why it's so important to have a mobile friendly website.

2. Steven Archdeacon - 8x24 Metal Print Sold For $180

Steven sold this 8x24 metal print on Cyber Monday Sale for $180.

Here's How It Happened

Steven first met this customer at an art show he attended in August, where the customer signed up for Steven's email list.

The customer received romance marketing emails from Steven over the next couple of months, getting to know, like and trust Steven. Then this Cyber Monday sale email landed in his inbox.

The customer opened this email and clicked on one of the links (Referrer). The link he clicked on was for the Montauk Lighthouse Aerial Panoramic print (Landing Page), using the Mozilla internet browser on his desktop (Device Type + User Agent).

The customer added this piece to his cart...

...and purchased it.

As you can see with this example, it took three months for this lead to turn into a customer. This is very normal and usually the case. Many times people will end up buying months or even years down the road.

In this case, it all started with Steven collecting email addresses at his art show, following the Art Show Playbook. Then for the next three months the customer created a personal connection with Steven through Steven's romance marketing. And by the time Steven ran his Cyber Monday sale, following the Holiday Playbook, the customer was ready to make a purchase.

3. Marie Bolster - Received an Order For 3 Prints Totaling $300

Marie received an order for these three prints on Cyber Monday for $300 total.

Here's How It Happened

It all started with this Facebook post on November 22nd, where Marie announced her Black Friday thru Cyber Monday sale.

The customer first visited Marie's site by clicking on this post, where she signed up for Marie's newsletter.

The customer went on to browse Marie's site, including looking at the Look Kiddo! whale print for the first time.

Ultimately, the customer left Marie's site, and seemingly nothing came of the site visit on November 24th.

That is, until Marie posted on her Facebook page again on November 25th.

The customer clicked on this Facebook post as well and immediately added the Look Kiddo! whale print to her cart.

Continuing to browse Marie's site, the customer then added the Owl In Meditation and Awareness owl prints to their cart.

This time they made a purchase.

It's quite normal for sales to happen over the course of many site visits, and it's why we recommend following the Romance Playbook as well as the Holiday Playbook. Consistency is key when it comes to making art sales.

As you can see from the examples in this post, people don't just show up on your site and buy art on the spot. It's the culmination of all of your marketing efforts working together to move your audience down your sales funnel, where they will eventually make a purchase.

All of this is possible to do with the right software and the right community there to support you.

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