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62 Resources for Part-Time Photographers & Fine Artists to Grow Their Art Businesses

A hand-picked collection of resources to help part-time artists take the next step in their art careers – from social media to email marketing and beyond.


In our experience, part-time photographers and fine artists looking for advice online fall into two categories:

Those that are doing anything and everything they can to climb their way to that full-time artist lifestyle – quitting their day job, saving for retirement, and living off of their art.

And those that are happy to keep art a part-time fixture in their life, and would simply like to earn as much as possible from that part-time commitment.

Whether you fall into group A or group B (or are undecided and just feeling it out), all part-time artists have one thing in common: they can improve their sales with less effort than they probably think.

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You don't need a ton of time and a degree in marketing to move the needle on your art business. All you need is the right resources, and that's what this article is all about.

Below, we'll confetti-cannon blast a slew of some of our favorite resources for part-time artists from around the web. Many of which, we created ourselves! 

So whether you're here to get one step closer to quitting your 9-5, or just want to see if you can't grow your art side business a little bit larger, dive in with the links below.

We recommend bookmarking this page and checking out a link or two a day, or however often you have time. 


First things first, you just found the jackpot.

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Alright, here are a few of our most relevant posts for part-time photographers and artists. Pick a few and dive in! 

Podcast Episodes

More of an audio person? Meet the Art Marketing Podcast - a show for photographers and artists about generating consistent art sales.

Here are a few recommended episodes:


Just want to get in a creative state? Try out these art content curators:

For Photographers

For Fine Artists

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