Your Favorite Content of the Year (2018 Edition)


As we wrap up another year, join us for this look back at the most-viewed content published to the Art Storefronts blog in 2018 – posts, podcast episodes, success stories, and more.


2018 was a huge year for all things here in Art Storefronts world. 

We released our most powerful features yet, worked hard to improve the platform, and released a heaping stack of free marketing content here on the blog.

Our customers became more sophisticated art marketers than they were last year, and ended up, collectively, selling more art in Q4 than ever before.

Let's celebrate the end of the year by looking back on the content that you enjoyed the most. 

We'll round-up our best stuff of the year in the following categories:

  • Blog Posts
  • Features
  • Podcast Episodes
  • Success Stories
  • Videos

If you have some catching up to do with our content, what better way than this? Dive in below.

Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2018

art marketing community

#1 - How to Obtain the Lifestyle You Want as a Full-Time Artist/Photographer

Dispelling the “get rich quick” artist fantasy once and for all, and a look at what full-time artists are actually doing to obtain the lifestyle they want.

#2 - Why Augmented Reality (AR) Has Forever Changed How Photography & Fine Art Is Sold

The profound solution AR provides to a problem that has existed forever, why this matters to you, and how photographers and fine artists are using it to boost their art business.

#3 - The 7 Cornerstone Features Your Website Needs to Sell Art Online

Want to consistently sell art through your own website? Here are the 7 features you need to make it happen.

#4 - 62 Resources for Part-Time Photographers & Fine Artists to Grow Their Art Businesses

A hand-picked collection of resources to help part-time artists take the next step in their art careers – from social media to email marketing and beyond.

#5 - 8 Secrets Photography Marketplaces Don't Want You to Know

Ever wondered why no one seems to be earning a consistent living from photography marketplaces? These are the things they don’t want you to know about how their services actually work.

Key Features We Released in 2018

art qr code

QR Codes That Auto-Load Your Website

Directing your customers to a specific product page is just a quick scan away.

Stunning Video Billboards

Add the perfect, eye-catching touch to your homepage with this elegant video billboard.

Easy-to-Export PDF Sales Sheets

Generate sales sheets that detail your pricing options to hand out at art fairs.

Printable Art Catalogs with Augmented Reality

Two of our most popular features collide with these cutting-edge art catalogs.

Live Preview with Augmented Reality

Now anyone, anytime, anywhere - can try out your art on their walls.


Most Listened-To Podcast Episodes of 2018

artist interview

#1 - How Artist Megh Knappenberger Sold $200,000+ in Her First Year

The day Megh Knappenberger decided to give her painting career a real shot, she had $0.28 in her business account – here's how she found a passionate niche of buyers and made it to $200k+ in her first year.

#2 - Creating an Art Marketing Plan for 2018 and Beyond

From communicating with your audience in the right way to running sales, here's everything we've learned about crafting a powerful art marketing plan for 2018, 2019, and beyond.

#3 - Do Artists Still Need Websites?

In this episode, we talk about coping with change in your marketing strategy, staying focused on where the attention is, and whether or not artists need websites.

#4 - Augmented Reality: The New Standard for Buying Art

Welcome to AR 101 – What Augmented Reality is, why it's a dream come true for fine artists and photographers, and how to offer it right through your website.

#5 - You Made a Sale, Congrats, Now the Work Begins

How to make the most of closing a sale and ensure that that first-time customer becomes a repeat customer – whether their experience was positive, negative, or neutral.

Most Popular Success Stories of 2018

#1 - Photographer Jim Livingston Sells Two 12' Murals Using Live Preview with Augmented Reality

Our featured success story this month is about how photographer Jim Livingston gained two new customers using Live Preview with Augmented Reality, our newest and most cutting-edge feature yet.

#2 - How Pointillist Artist Jim Pescott Got His First Online Art Sale

Making that first art sale online can be a challenge – here’s a breakdown of how one fine artist pulled it off.

#3 - A $3,700 Art Sale Placed on an iPad? A New Era of Selling Art Has Arrived

Art and photography now sells day and night from every device imaginable. Here’s how it happened and how you can get a piece of the action.

#4 - Mathieu Laca on Running a Print Giveaway Contest with ManyChat

Fine artist Mathieu Laca is interviewed on topics such as building an audience, setting price points, and his experience running a print giveaway contest on Facebook using ManyChat.

#5 - 2 Years with Photographer Bill Wensel: A Growth Timeline

This is the story of how one photographer went from struggling to launch his online gallery to earning consistent sales.

Most Viewed Videos of 2018

#1 - Live Preview with Augmented Reality - Feature Demo

#2 - Art Storefronts vs. Marketplaces

#3 - Key Design Principles for Art-Selling Websites

#4 - Fun with Live Preview

#5 - The Top 10 Ways to Get People Into Your Chatbot

Final Thoughts

That covers it for 2018!

Our question to you: will 2019 be even better for your art business?

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