[new feature] Supercharging Our Wall Preview Tool with This Year’s Most Popular Paint Colors

The simple idea that just improved the conversion power of our wall preview tool, making it a smarter, easier tool to use.


In today’s online art market, providing your customer with a Wall Preview tool isn’t just a critical feature, it’s the de-facto standard.

The wall preview tool integrated into Art Storefronts was already the most robust on the market today, but in our latest software update we’ve taken it to a whole new level.

Before we get into that, let’s talk about why a Wall Preview tool is so critical in the first place.

Visual Questions, Answered

As is widely known in the eCommerce world, leaving your visitors with “unanswered questions” leads to lower conversion rates and lower sales.

Your goal, as a store owner, is to digitally answer all the possible questions your visitors may have about browsing, buying, or returning your products.

For when all of their questions are answered, nothing else is preventing them from buying.

Art Storefronts Tools

The Wall Preview tool has become a standard amongst ALL the leading art selling websites because it provides answers to several critical buyer questions – questions that are perpetually left unanswered by websites that DON’T have the tool.

They include:

  1. Will the colors of this piece of art mesh well with the color of the wall I plan to hang it on?
  2. I see some size options here, but I don’t really know what the right size will be for the room I plan to place it in. Which size will fit proportionally, the way I want to?

These are valid concerns that come with buying art, so it’s important that we provide buyers with a system to find these answers.

The worst part about these specific unanswered questions are that while most buyer questions can be answered by picking up the phone and calling you, these ones cannot.

A visual example is the only way to evade these particular buyer roadblocks.

Let’s take a look at what the big guys are doing with their wall preview tools.


Art.com Wall Preview

Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art Wall Preview


UGallery Wall Preview

All three of these examples help a buyer picture their purchase in their home, but we want to push it one step further in regards to the wall color choices available in the tool.

Upgrading the Wall Preview Tool

When we allow a visitor to change a wall color, we have to first provide a default palette of colors for them to choose, along with the ability for them to enter in any custom color they wish.

Wall Color

So, what colors should be included in this default palette?

Forget primary colors – if our goal is to maximize art sales (and it always is), then it’s logical to assume that the default color palette should contain not a full range of your hot pinks and sunflower yellows, but instead the focus should be on displaying the most popular wall colors actually used in homes and businesses.

So, that’s exactly what we’ve done!

Most Popular Paint Colors

How, you say?

We’ve researched the best selling paint colors by the largest paint manufacturers – Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore – and added ALL of these colors into the default color palette for your customers to choose from. Then we created a range of shades and tints similar to these best-selling colors to cover even more popular hues.

The end result is a default color palette that now contains the most likely selection of colors used in homes and businesses.

All in all, we’ve maximized the probability that your visitor’s wall color is, or closely resembles, one of the available colors in the default palette. No one likes to dig through something like a color palette searching for the right color.

The faster your visitor finds their desired wall color, the higher the likelihood that they’ll continue to work towards completing the purchase.

Here’s what it looks like:

Wall Preview Tool

Now how’s that for a user experience! Want to get your hands on the tool? See below for details.

Try the Wall Preview Tool Now

We’ve set up a Demo Site that you can use to play around with the new Wall Preview Tool. Use the room, wall color, and sizing tools to see how your customers will use this tool to help visualize your work in their homes or offices. Be sure to test it out on desktop, mobile, and tablet!

How would you like to try the Wall Preview Tool?

  • Using our test image – Just click “Wall Preview”
  • Using your own image – Upload your image, select a size, click “Wall Preview” on the buying page

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Chip Jones says

I like the latest features. One element I’ve noticed though is that the brightness of the image / mat is much brighter than the white elements in the scene itself (Nursery, Living Room, etc). Maybe a new feature would be the ability to adjust the brightness of the image to the brightness of the elements in the room? An option would be to adjust the whitest elements in the image of the room (woodwork, furniture, etc..) so that they are brighter.

Art Storefronts says

Great feedback Chip!!!! This is going on the dev list.

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