Homepage Copywriting Tips for Fine Art Printing Companies

Homepage copywriting tips from a professional copywriter – how to create strong calls to action and what to put on your homepage to drive sales.



Video Highlights

00:45 – Add a tagline to your homepage
01:35 – What a tagline does and how to write one
03:17 – Your perfect tagline may be hiding in plain sight
04:23 – Full homepage copy review – what to change, what to add
06:43 – Adding a call to action – don’t forget to tell your audience what to do next
08:00 – Narrowing down and prioritizing your calls to action
10:12 – Product page review
12:01 – Features vs. benefits
13:45 – Contact page review – What to add to the top of the page
14:50 – Key takeaways

Video Transcript

Prefer to read instead of watch? No problem. You can read the transcript and download it for free via the link below.

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