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3 Copywriting Audit Videos for Artists – Writing the Perfect Home Page, Store Page, and Bio

Pro copywriter Kimberly Houston lends her expertise in this series of three copywriting audits for artists – how to write a strong home page, bio, and more.

When it comes to building an effective eCommerce website, in the blur of layout design, uploading images, sorting categories, setting up SEO, etc. etc. etc. – we’ve found that art retailers often overlook the value of well-written copy.

The written language on your site can be as much a window to your unique persona as the art itself.

As with anything, what you have to say is one thing, and how you say it is another.

Kimberly Houston’s professional career as a copywriter has centered on the latter.

In her previous posts and videos, she’s demonstrated how strong copy makes for a better browsing experience, and, ultimately, more art sales.

So, with that in mind, we invited Houston to share her thoughts and best tips in a short series of videos critiquing the copy on a real artist’s website.

The subject of today’s audits – Kim Vergil, an abstract artist from Montreal whose work combines “symbolic imagery” with “emotional energy”, and whose business combines online and offline strategies – as described in Episode 001 of the Art Marketing Podcast.

Let’s take a look at what Houston has to say about the copy on the primary pages of Kim’s website.


Typically, this is your most trafficked page. So what information should you put on it?



The end goal of all of your work – get them to this page. Then what?



Tell ’em more about you, create superfans.



Kimberly Houston is an AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.) trained copywriter who specializes in helping creative pros rise above the online fray with personality-driven web copy and web marketing.

For more on her services, check out her website.

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