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SEO for Artists Lesson 3 – Critical On-Site SEO Setup

An extensive round-up of SEO best practices on the ASF platform – how to setup SEO on your home page, product pages, and more.

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SEO for artists

SEO for Artists – The Importance of Keyword Research Before SEO Implementation

The crucial step of researching your SEO keywords before picking them, research tricks, and a video walkthrough on using Google’s Keyword Research Tool.

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Dispelling the SEO Myth in 4 Minutes

Dispelling the SEO Myth in 4 MinutesIt’s been over 10 years since many business professionals realized search engine optimization (SEO) had run its course as a viable strategy.Yet to this day, leagues of artists and photographers tell us they are considering investing in costly SEO workshops and consultants under the assumption that doing so will […]

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SEO for Artists – Tutorials, Videos, and More

#SEOOur best blog posts and video tutorials on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for artists. Send Me New SEO tips Before You Start: Do Your Research Don’t just guess on what keywords will work best, get some data to back you up! SEO for Artists – The Importance of Keyword Research Before SEO Implementation The crucial […]

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Barnacle SEO

Barnacle SEO Strategies for Printing Companies

How incorporating Barnacle SEO in your marketing strategy allows you to leverage the trustworthiness and visibility of other websites (ie: Yelp) to boost your own.

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artist SEO

Judith Ponders Investing in SEO | Customer Calls

Judith Ponders Investing in SEO | Customer CallsJust hire an SEO firm to optimize your art website, get on the first page of search results for your niche, and start raking in the sales, right? In this customer call, we lay out why this approach isn’t the most effective way to spend your time or your […]

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SEO Lesson 1 – Analytics Data Reveals Opportunity

How to view your site analytics on Art Storefronts and what to do with that information – plus how to grow organic traffic with AdWords.

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SEO Lesson 2 – Targeted Landing Pages

A guide to creating targeted landing pages with Art Storefronts to expand your reach on Google search results and increase your organic traffic.

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Sneak Peek: OH 7 | SEO Basics for Artists

Sneak Peek: OH7 | SEO Basics for Artists  Video Highlights 00:59 – Announcements 11:18 – Intro to SEO Basics 16:22 – Common SEO myths about Keywords 19:44 – Steps to Performing Keyword Research 22:51 – Google’s Keyword Planner Tool 29:26 – SEO Fields Explained 32:08 – How Your SEO Shows up on Google 37:18 – SEO […]

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Organic Traffic

Case Study #02 – Our SEO Tips and Their Impact on Organic Traffic

Making the case for doing basic SEO on your site, a real life case study, some recommended tools, and how you can boost your organic traffic today, and what it can drop to the bottom line

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ASF Private Community Megathreads

#SmallWins MegathreadsBrowse all of the most important content from our private community for artists and photographers, organized into megathreads by topic. SEE IN FB mESSENGER Quick Reference Links:  Choosing a Fulfillment VendorSEO That MattersGoing Live ChecklistProven Tactics to Build Your AudienceRomance Marketing Best PracticesCreating an Art Show Season PlaybookFinding ASF ResourcesSee Artists Winning Getting Started […]

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Case Studies

#Case StudiesLearn from the failures and successes of other artists with this collection of Case Studies we have ran with our customers. Send Me New Case Studies Adding Testimonials This Case Study tasked an artist with adding testimonials to their website to increase their conversions. Check out the Study setup and final results below.  No […]

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What Our Top Fine Art & Photo Printing Companies Are Doing to Get High Conversion Rates (And How You Can Do It Too)

We publish some data on print studio conversion rates , some insight into what these successful companies are doing right, and how you can increase your revenue by becoming a data-driven business.

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generate organic traffic

Importance of Organic Search for Art & Photo Printing Companies

How art and photo printing companies can generate organic traffic with some easy to implement site optimization tips, and how to find out how much traffic and sales you’re getting from search engines.

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Art Web Design

10 Web Design Mistakes That Are Costing You Traffic and Sales

From confusing content layout, to ineffective SEO, to cluttered upload pages, these are the most common web design mistakes we hope you’ll run away from.

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Copywriting for Artists: What to Write for Your Home Page and Category Pages

A professional copywriter’s advice on how to make the most of the text on your home page and category pages.

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036: Pop-Ups? Yes, Pop-Ups!

036: Pop-Ups? Yes, Pop-Ups!A rant on attention, a analogy on pop ups, and why whether you like them or not you need to be using them ​Subscribe Show Notes check Rate and Review the Art Marketing Podcast on iTunesTranscribe Read the transcribe Coming soon! Brought To You By Art StorefrontsWe help artists & photographers open […]

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Art Storefronts Detective

[new feature] Art Buyer Visit Tracking with Detective

Gain more insight into your site visitors and customers than ever before with Detective: a supercharged analytics tool purpose-built for artists.

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032: How to Get Your Art Noticed

How to Get Your Art NoticedQ4 is coming…How to use email, FB, and FB & IG ads to warm up your audience and how to get your art noticed. ​Subscribe Show Notescheck Alyssa’s Email from Mailchimpcheck Alyssa’s Blog Postcheck Emoji One Chrome Extensioncheck Actual FB post we created from Alyssa’s emailcheck Related Episode: 029: Your 4th […]

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030: How to Create LTV Audiences for Facebook/Instagram Ads

How to Create LTV Audiences for Facebook/Instagram AdsHow to create a Facebook/Instagram Ads audience based on Lifetime Value (LTV), use cases you probably haven’t thought of, and thoughts on targeting to cold audiences in Q4.  ​Subscribe Show Notes check Related Episode: 029: Your 4th Quarter Marketing Audit check Download: Data Spreadsheet Template check Rate and Review the […]

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