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Getting Started with #SmallWins

Before doing anything else, read through the Getting Started Megathread to learn how to make the most of the #SmallWins Facebook group. Click to open >>

Choosing a Fulfillment Vendor

Our Print-on-Demand Service lets you focus on what's important: creating and marketing your art. 

For everything you need to know about the automated fulfillment process...click to open >>

SEO That Matters

Homepage SEO (your brand) and Category Page SEO are what matter. People will search for your brand and for categories of art, not specific art pieces. Don't let SEO hold you back from launching your site and working on building your audience. Those are more important in the short term.

For an explanation of what SEO is and step-by-step instructions on how to do keyword research and fill in the SEO fields on your site...click to open >>

Going Live Checklist

Your site doesn't need to be perfect to launch. Make sure you have the basics completed and get your site live.

For a complete checklist to determine if your site is ready to go live...click to open >>

Proven Tactics to Build Your Audience

Growing an audience isn't easy. Find out what works for your business and double down on it. 

For dozens of tactics artists and photographers are using right now to build their audience...click to open >>

For tactics using the "ManyChat" messenger tool to build your audience...click to open >>

Romance Marketing Best Practices

Once you start to grow an audience, it's important to create a personal connection with them, which is the driving factor in someone's decision to buy art.

For a complete guide to creating personal connections with your audience...click to open >>

Creating an Art Show Season Playbook

Get familiar with the ASF resources you have at your disposal and create an art show season playbook that you can use to ramp up your success this season.

For information to guide you through creating your art show season playbook, from booth setup, to lead generation, to what to do after each show...click to open >>

Finding ASF Resources

Bookmark this megathread for easy access to all the ASF resources available to you.

For keeping tabs on all the available art marketing resources...click to open >>

Want to See Artists Winning?

Need a little inspiration? Browse all of the #smallwins from fellow artists and photographers to get some new ideas. Click to open >>

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