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Importance of Organic Search for Art & Photo Printing Companies

How art and photo printing companies can generate organic traffic with some easy to implement site optimization tips, and how to find out how much traffic and sales you’re getting from search engines.



Video Highlights

00:25 – How to navigate to the ASF stats tab
00:54 – Looking at organic traffic from Google
02:12 – Why you want to generate organic traffic
02:40 – Looking at data from 2 other ASF sites to back-up the importance of the organic channel
04:31 – How to actually increase your organic traffic using the Success Plan
05:37 – What paid Ads look like on a Google search
06:10 – Using AdWords to look at cost per click prices for various keywords
06:58 – Site optimization tips – Boosting SEO on a real ASF website using keywords
10:44 – Adding more pages to your site to improve organic traffic
11:40 – Key Takeaways

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