SEO Lesson 1 – Analytics Data Reveals Opportunity

How to view your site analytics on Art Storefronts and what to do with that information – plus how to grow organic traffic with AdWords.



Video Highlights

00:22 – Where to find your statistics in the ASF Site Manager
01:14 – Viewing traffic source data (direct, organic, social, etc.)
02:03 – Viewing conversion rates – What’s a good %?
03:52 – Investigating low organic traffic
04:50 – How to edit SEO options in ASF
05:29 – The Art Storefronts success plan
07:00 – Low hanging fruit – Don’t forget to add SEO for every image on your site!
08:15 – Defining your niche to make SEO easier
09:10 – The next step – AdWords
10:01 – Google’s Keyword Planner
11:26 – Tracking AdWords results in the stats section
12:04 – Key take-aways
13:14 – We submit your sitemaps for you!

Video Transcript

Prefer to read instead of watch? No problem. You can read the transcript and download it for free via the link below.

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