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installing facebook pixel

Installing and Using the Facebook Pixel to Build a Remarketing Audience

Learn how to install the Facebook pixel on your site to begin building a remarketing audience, plus advanced conversion event techniques.

Full Stream

Here is the video replay of the complete stream hosted on Facebook Live.

HD Videos from the Stream

Here are high resolution versions of the three video lessons Patrick showed during the live stream.

1. Install the Basic Pixel Code

To get started with remarketing your art with Facebook Ads, you need to install Facebook’s tracking pixel. Here’s where to go in your Facebook Ads Manager to find that code. Art Storefronts makes installation easy, but you can add the pixel to most any site.




2. Installing an Advanced Conversion Event

After you’ve installed the basic Facebook pixel, you can move to advanced conversion events, such as placing a code on your checkout page to begin building an audience in Facebook of only folks who have made a purchase from you. This is where the system begins to get really powerful.




3. Facebook Pixel Inspector

An easy way to verify that you’ve installed the Facebook pixel correctly.



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