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[new feature] Introducing The Multi-Panel Art Wall

An overview of our new Multi-Panel Art Wall product and how it is the greatest up-sell that we have seen yet in the art world.

Why are you selling 1 print, when you can sell 3 to the exact same buyer?

I know that sounds crazy, but sometimes things are just crazy enough to actually be true.

And in this case it is.

sell multi-panel art

So true, we put the developers to work and built an entirely new feature for it.

Before we get into the feature, let’s talk about the sales concept of an “up-sell.”

In simple terms, an “up-sell” is when a buyer commits to buying one thing, yet you somehow convince them to buy two or more things.

So let us introduce you to the greatest up-sell that we have seen yet in the art world.

We call it Art Walls.

The Case For The Art Wall

multi-panel art on website

Most of you might be more familiar with the terms “diptych art” (2 panel) and “triptych art” (3 panel). The true definition of this is called Polyptych Art (multi-panel art).

Here’s how it goes.

You have a buyer who loves one of your images and she is about to buy a canvas print for $400.

Without any other option presented to her, she will add that item to her cart, complete the purchase, and go her merry way.

But then she sees it.

art wall option

She can buy that exact same image, thoughtfully split into 3 panels. It’s modern, it’s unique, and it fills up a wall space with elegance and style.

She decides to buy it.

To you, one canvas print just turned into three. And in that simple turn of events, a $400 sale just parlayed into a $1,200 sale, all from the same customer.

The New Feature: Art Wall Products

art wall product page

Thus far, artists on our platform have made this happen by using our original art product with the wall preview feature.

While this got the job done, it certainly wasn’t ideal and didn’t maximize art sales of multi-panel art.

As we alluded to earlier, we’ve seen enough sales and enough proof come through to turn this into its own feature with some of its own bells and whistles.

With polyptych art products, you can create a new page on your website called “Art Walls” dedicated to these products.

Each Art Wall can be offered in any size and media type you want.

multi-panel art on website in action

To top it all, Art Walls can be viewed within the wall preview tool where your customers can toggle the size and wall color options.

If you want to test drive it, or you want some inspiration on how this page should be set up, see our example site here.

Summing It All Up

It’s amazing what can happen when you’re equipped with the best art-selling tools.

Think about it. You likely have buyers on your site who love a specific image and who would buy it in multi-panels if you gave them a solid option to do so.

If they buy the multi-panel option, you make $800 more, just from that one sale.

That’s huge.

If you’ve been following this blog, you already know it ain’t easy selling art online.

When you provide a generic eCommerce experience to your visitors, it’s almost impossible to make sales.

And if you’re lucky enough to make some sales, you’re usually doing so at an extremely low conversion rate.

When you actually have all the best art-selling features behind you, you actually have a chance to punch above your weight.

Check out these articles on our support page for more information on the Art Wall

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