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[new feature] Sell Prints, Originals, Limited Editions, + Multi-Panels All On One Page

Sell four different versions (art prints, limited editions, the original, and multi-panels) of the same image all on one page with this conversion-boosting evolution of our product page design.

Here’s something pretty much every successful eCommerce website has learned:

[bctt tweet=”If you make the online shopping experience easier for the buyer, you’ll profit greatly from it.”]

This new feature is all about easy.

Easy for your site visitors to see what you offer, easy for them to make a purchase, and easy for you to up-sell them to a higher-priced item.

We’re doing this by allowing you to take a single image and offer it for sale up to 4 different ways, all on a single page.

But first, let’s take a look at the experience of browsing an online art gallery prior to this feature.

The Old Way

artist website

Take a single image, let’s say a landscape painting titled “Autumn Forest”.

Let’s say that in addition to prints of this image, the Original is still available, as well as a limited edition version with custom embellishment. You even offer it as a multi-panel art wall.

A potential customer spots this image on an Instagram post of yours, and, deciding they would like to own it in some form, visits your website to try and find it.

If your site operates in the old way, you’re counting on this customer being willing to:

  1. Search around for what they’re looking for
  2. Spend time clicking all over your site to open multiple pages of the same image
  3. Invest the energy to compare and contrast between these different pages to understand what you offer and decide what they want

too much information

Obviously, the vast majority of people just will not do this, and those are sales you’ll miss out on.

The problem is that your content is just too spread out.

4 different versions of your image, 4 different product pages, 4 different URLs:

art website optimization

Think about other shopping online in other industries.

Would it make sense for a clothing website to have a unique page and URL for each and every color option of a single shirt?

No, to maximize your sales, your goal should be to show this potential customer the options you offer for an image all on the same page.

So that’s what we’ve built.

The Single Page Experience

single page shopping

With this feature, that potential customer doesn’t need to search around your site to compare what versions you have available, because they’re all laid out side-by-side on a single page.

This also means you don’t need to email them a bunch of different URLs with explanation of the difference between all of them.

You don’t need to post multiple times on your Instagram to say “buy prints here, and buy original here, and buy the limited edition here.”

4 different versions of your image, 1 product page, 1 URL:

single page shopping experience

What does this result in?

Higher average order sizes, a more efficient way for you to link to your art, and happier customers who will love the convenience of visiting your online art gallery.

The best part is, we already know this works.

Last year, we released the option to sell an original painting side-by-side with art prints, and the data was clear – many artists sold many more originals on these pages.

We also saw the success our customers were having selling multi-panel art walls – they are potentially the single greatest up-sell our industry has yet seen.

The future was clear for us: ALL of these product types need to be available side-by-side to enable artists to sell as much art as possible.

And now, they are.

product type toggle

Of course, these product types are optional. You can turn them on and off as needed on a per-image basis. If you only want to sell prints and multi-panel art, for example, you can.

The key is easy. Make it easy for your customers to shop, and they will.

To everyone using our art gallery technology, go make it happen! You’ll find all the implementation instructions in this Knowledge Base article.

Want to try this feature for yourself? Take it for a test drive here.


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