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How to Set Up the Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel on Your ASF Site (UPDATED)

How to measure effectiveness on your Facebook ads, Facebook conversion tracking explained and how to install the checkout code on your ASF site.

2016 Update: Looking for how to install the new Facebook Pixel? Click here to jump ahead to that part of this tutorial.

Being the resident marketing guy here at ASF affords me the opportunity to speak to print studios and artists on a regular basis.

I get to hear about how your businesses are operating and what you are struggling with most, and what areas you need the most help with right now.

For 9/10 of the folks I talk to, its traffic.


It’s getting your art and services in front of more eyeballs.

So how do you do that?

Well, there are a ton of ways to do so. Many of which we plan on blogging about here in the future.

For the purposes of this post, we are talking about Facebook Ads.

Facebook, in my opinion, represents one of the greatest opportunities of generating more targeted traffic to your art and services.


In a previous post I blogged about how to setup the re-marketing pixel on your website and how important it is to do so.

As part of our series on Facebook we are going to blog about how to advertise on Facebook, we are going to run case studies, and we are going to report back with real data on both how easy and how effective advertising on Facebook can be.

For today’s post we are sticking to getting the proper foundation in place.

Essential in that process is ensuring you have your tracking in place before you spend even a $ on any ads.

You need to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your ads and know you are seeing the ROI.

To do that we are going to need to setup and install a conversion code on your website so we can track conversions.

Facebook conversion tracking explained.

Succinctly, you place a line of code on the checkout page of your website. When somebody sees your Facebook ads and then converts into a sale, that Facebook ad gets credit for the conversion.

This will give you the ability to effectively measure your ad spend and prove out if its working for you.

How to install the checkout conversion code on your Art Store Fronts Site.

These steps assume you already have your Facebook ads account setup, if you don’t you can learn how to do that in this post. Go do it and then comeback

  1. Navigate to www.facebook.com/ads/manager/pixel/facebook_pixel and click on the button labeled Set Up Pixel.


  2. Select the option labeled Copy And Paste The Code.


  3. Under Install The Base Pixel Code, scroll down and copy the code in the box. Be sure not to change it. You may also click Next.


  4. In a new tab, go to the back end of your Art Storefronts Website and in the Info & Settings section, find the tab labeled Scripts and paste the code into the Head box and click Save.


  5. Return to Facebook and scroll down to the Event Code section and find the item labeled Purchase.


  6. Copy the code in the box.


  7. Return to your Art Storefronts back end and from the Scripts page, click the tab labeled Key Conversions Events.


  8. Find the section labeled Success Pageand paste the code and then click Save.
  9. 8-min

Now you will have to wait till you get a sale. Facebook will tell you this until you have.


Recorded an online sale?

Ok come back and check Facebook and the pixel should read as active.


Its good. Now you are setup and ready to roll.

Time to start running some ads.


In late 2015, Facebook announced a change to the pixel system that will replace existing conversion pixels with a single, more powerful pixel they’re calling the “Facebook Pixel.”

new facebook pixel

If you’re creating a Facebook Ad account for the first time you’ll be prompted to create your new Facebook Pixel. Just follow the steps as they appear:

    1. Login to your Facebook Page and click “Manage Ads”


    2. Select “Increase conversions on your website” as the goal, and click “Create a Pixel”

      facebook pixel update

    3. Name your Pixel

      how to add standard event facebook

    4. Click “Install,” or email it to yourself for later

      facebook pixel standard event

    5. Copy the Pixel code

install new facebook pixel

  • Insert it into your ASF site’s “head” code – Info and Setting → Scripts → Site Wide



You’ll notice at the bottom of the Facebook page that provides you with your Pixel code, there is a table with code to “Add Conversion Tracking.” These are how you add special functionality to your Facebook Pixel.

Simply insert it just before the closing “/script” bracket in your Facebook Pixel code (see below).

how to use new facebook pixel

And here’s a closer look at those modifiers, that Facebook calls “Standard Events”

how to install facebook pixel

If you’re upgrading your existing conversion tracking pixels to the new Facebook Pixel then your path will look like this:

  1. In the Ads Manager, navigate to the Pixel dashboard

    facebook conversion tracking

    This is also the screen you’ll return to whenever you want to check in on your Pixel performance.

  2. View your Pixel code

    facebook pixel 2016

From here, you’ll pick up with step #5 above. Remember to remove the code from your old conversion tracking pixels as you insert the new code.

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Dominique Hurley says

Hi Patrick. Question from a non-techy here. In #7, do you mean add that in the Facebook pixel code window or when you copy it in ASF? The code in FB is grey and won’t let you add anything, just copy. A few things have changed since you prepared this – the look of the Ads Manager is different, so not sure if this is a change too.

Art Storefronts says

Hey Dominique (BTW I have not forgot about you – I know I owe you an email :D) on #7 above here are
the steps.

1.Copy the code from Facebook

2.Paste the code somewhere you can edit it (word, a text editor even into your email if you like. Anywhere you can make the edit)

3.Make the edit to the code outlined above

4.Paste the code in its entirety into your ASF site.

Also on this

“A few things have changed since you prepared this – the look of the Ads Manager is different.”

Lol. Not likely as I took most of those screen shots yesterday. Not sure what’s accounting for the difference. Are you sure you are on your artist page and not your personal page?

Dominique Hurley says

Thanks for the clarification. Will do that now.
P.S. I have to be signed in as my personal profile to access the Ads Manager for my Page. I didn’t have a left sidebar in mine (see screenshot), but eventually found the audience through the Tools at the top.

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Dominique Hurley says

Hi Patrick. With the changes to this blog, should we go back and delete the code we inserted the last time? I named it differently, so not sure if it would cause a problem. Thanks.

Patrick Shanahan says

Yes Dominique. Follow the post exactly. Pull the old code and you will be good.

Art Storefronts says

Yes. If you remember before we had to add to the code that Facebook gave you.

Now you can go and delete that code, go back to facebook and grab the code again – does not matter what you named it – and then insert it per the blog post above.

If you still have questions just find me on intercom and I can walk you through it.

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Carol MacConnell says

Hi Patrick. FB is getting rid of the conversion tracking pixel in the first half of 2016. Can you do a new blog using the Facebook pixel which replaces it? Also, my screen never looks the same as yours on Ad Manager. I can’t seem to get the column down the left side like your page shows. I know FB makes a lot of changes and it might be in the last 5 months the screen has changes but could you tell me how to get that column to work from?

Art Storefronts says

Hey Carol. We are working on getting the post updated.

Can you confirm for me you are working off of a business page and not a personal page?

Carol MacConnell says

I thought I was working on my business page. I am attempting to follow your instructions on the update this morning on my business page and I have the pixel code emailed to me. I am now going to try to install it on my website. I might have done it wrong because I think I already had a pixel and I didn’t read ahead to see there were different instructions. Yikes!

Art Storefronts says

Its easy to fix Carol. Whats more don’t worry you cant break anything.

Give the site a few days – assuming its live and you have traffic coming to it – Facebook will tell you if the pixel is recording visits then you will know its working. If not then just re-do it with the updated instructions which are now live.

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