How to Remarket Art on Facebook

Why you need to be on Facebook, Remarketing explained, How to remarket on Facebook & How to install the FB remarketing pixel on your Art Storefronts Site.

Why should you be on Facebook?

So you can keep up with every little thing your friends, family, and most often your sorta-friends who you knew back in the day but don’t really keep in touch with anymore are up to.

That, and to sell art.

Watch 10 seconds of this clip.

What you just watched was a small clip from Scott Galloway.

Scott is otherwise known as the “Clinical Professor of Marketing” at NYU Business School. (btw highly recommend watching the entire video from the start, it’s mind blowing)

The big takeaways from his talk for this post are two-fold.

First, that almost everybody that is on a social network is on Facebook and not three years ago but NOW in 2015.

A group that I prefer to define as all of your current customers and your future customers.

Second, although not in the clip I had you watch above but earlier in the same video, Scott also references that images are the primary driver of social media engagement.

What do all of us sell again?

Oh, we have images alright.


Further, the vast majority of artists on our platform work very hard to drive traffic to their websites. Sadly, not all of that traffic is going to convert into sales every time.

Sure would be nice to be able to get your art in front of those potential buyers eyes again, right?

Enter remarketing.

What is re-marketing?

Remarketing enables you to show ads to people who have visited your website.

Our Facebook example will go like this.

  1. You place a line of code on your website
  2. I visit your website and the code records my visit
  3. Next time I log on to Facebook, you can show me ads

Let me just stop things right there…did I just say ads?


Don’t let that word scare you. Let me explain.

Facebook art ads are great, but they are tough, no question. You have to sort the targeting, the copy, perhaps hire a designer, figure out your budget, etc., etc.

Just thinking about it is daunting.

Whenever I recommend this course of action, that is what I normally hear.

I always respond with a question…

Can you post a status update on Facebook?

Yes? Good.

Then you can advertise on Facebook, and do it successfully.

You just need a little guidance getting set up.


In coming posts, I am going to detail how easy it is to advertise on Facebook. I am going to walk you step-by-step through the entire process, and I am going to present case studies with Art Storefront customers and how their re-marketing campaigns went, even showing you how we use remarketing at Art Storefronts (on Facebook? Ever seen one of our posts?)

So we have a lot of ground to cover, and I hope I have piqued your interest just enough to take one simple step today.

How to Install Facebook Remarketing Pixels

Facebook Remarketing is only possible by placing what FB calls a pixel (basically a snippet of code) onto your website.

So all we have to do is signup for a Facebook ads account (completely free) and get that pixel. Art Storefronts makes it dead simple to install.


  1. Login To Your Facebook Account
  2. Click this link advertising account settings
  3. Setup your Facebook Ads account – follow the prompts (it will ask for a credit card for verification, but it will not charge you)
  4. Get the remarketing pixel from Facebook (as shown in the video below) and install it on your ASF site.

As I made reference to in the video, I really do believe that advertising art on Facebook via remarketing is a low hanging fruit home run.

It will increase your sales, it will provide ROI, it will grow your Facebook community, and… bonus… your art is awesome.

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Tha Chad Man says

Great tip! Just did this but on my facebook audience page it says “Pixel not installed.” Any ideas?

Art Storefronts says

Hey Chad, Set it and forget it. It takes awhile for it to start recording visitors and letting you know its working.

Check back this afternoon and see how its doing. You should be good.

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