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[Art Marketing Calendar] Cyber Monday Email Marketing Strategy

Our best advice for Cyber Monday email marketing for art sellers looking to maximize their revenue over the holidays. Strategy, and how to implement your Cyber Monday campaign.

Black Friday is the big one, but his younger brother Cyber Monday is just as big as his sibling.

It’s another great opportunity to get your art products or services in front of your list and encourage them to buy.

In baseball parlance, and especially if you followed our last post, you threw your best fastball for Black Friday.

You came up with a great discount, you emailed your list, you re-emailed your unopens and hopefully you even sent the “deal is about to expire” email.

Now it’s time to throw changeup.


It’s time to email them a completely different deal from the last one and see if it can convert the fence sitters on your list or those that almost went for your first deal.

Just like your Black Friday email, you want to focus on two critical components:

  1. A deal that is too good to pass up
  2. Scarcity which in this case is a deal that lasts for just 24hrs.

With those two components at work you are setting yourself up for success.

Cyber Monday also offers the opportunity to whack your entire list again letting them know the deal is about to expire.

Okay. So let’s set the table.

Your Task List for Cyber Monday Email

cyber monday marketing strategy

  1. Create a deal and corresponding coupon code that is good for one day only. Change up the deal from what you ran on Black Friday.
  2. Create and schedule an email in your ESP (email service provider)
  3. Reblast your entire list letting them know the deal expires in a few hours
  4. Set Up An Announcement Bar On-Site

1. Create Your Deal

One day only.

You’ll want to run a completely new deal to attract buyers that passed over your earlier offer.

Don’t forget to verify your coupon code is in good working order!

2. Create and Schedule Your Email

Get your email built (use our free MailChimp template if you need one), and schedule it for the early AM on Cyber Monday.

Be sure to include scarcity in your subject line and in the body of the email itself.

You want to make sure your audience knows this sale ends TONIGHT, and that they have a very limited window in which to take advantage of your offer.

3. Send an “Expiring Soon” email

After you’ve scheduled your announcement email for Monday morning, go ahead and schedule a secondary reminder email to go out later in the evening.

This email should be similar or identical to the first, with a new subject line alerting your audience that there are only a few hours left for your offer.

4. Set Up An Announcement Bar On-Site

What about the organic traffic you might get? Or the social traffic, or anybody not on your email list for that matter?

These folks might hit your site over the holidays, and you don’t want them leaving empty-handed if you can help it, so be sure to announce your deal and coupon code on-site with an announcement bar message.

If you are an ASF customer, this is very simple to do. It’s a built-in widget that pops at the top of your screen that you can use to alert all site visitors of your sale.

cyber monday strategy

What should your message be?

Subject line + coupon code + scarcity.

ie: Cyber Monday Sale! Use code MONDAY20 at checkout for 20% off. Ends TONIGHT at midnight.

cyber monday art marketing

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