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art website features

The 5 Cornerstone Features Your Website Needs to Sell Art Online

Want to consistently sell art through your own website? Here are the 5 features you need to make it happen.

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site visitors aren't buying

Why Your Site Visitors Aren’t Buying Your Art (And What to Do About It)

A guide for artists with site traffic but no sales – how to communicate to your audience that your art is for sale, homepage layout, navigation bar tips, and more.

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bounce rate

Case Study #04 – How our Art Website Optimization Tips Improved Bounce Rates by 400%

The results from a case study in which our tips helped an art seller achieve a significantly lower bounce rate. Where to find your bounce rate, and how to improve it.

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Site Optimization, Lesson 2 – Navigation Bar Design and the Buyer’s Mindset

How to optimize your navigation bar design by subject matter to allow site visitors to easily access your products.

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Site Optimization, Lesson 1 – Your Home Page Should be a Gallery of Subject Matter Categories

A coaching session on homepage design – common mistakes artists make, how to encourage users to browse and make a purchase, mobile design considerations, and more.

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trust badges

[new feature] Trust Badges

Announcing the new, custom trust bar, some research on trust badges, and why adding them to your site can increase your credibility and raise conversion rates.

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