Site Optimization, Lesson 1 – Your Home Page Should be a Gallery of Subject Matter Categories

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The Case Study Results

After implementing the techniques discussed in this video, see how Madaras Gallery improved their bounce rates by 400%, and how they dramatically increased the number of people who actually started the shopping process rather than immediately leaving their website on the first visit.

Video Highlights

00:25 - A colossal mistake many artists make with their homepage.
01:41 - The value of using image categories
03:15 - Formatting your home page for mobile and tablet users
04:05 - An example of an artist with a home page well-formatted for mobile
04:48 - Checking and learning from your bounce rate
05:49 - Using the Art Storefronts site manager to build a great home page
07:55 - Some words on slideshows + Taking a look at
08:55 - Recapping the key take-aways

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Video Transcript

Prefer to read instead of watch? No problem. You can read the transcript and download it for free via the link below.

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Dominique Hurley says

Do you have a link to a completed ASF Product Gallery Page used as a home page? It would be good to see it. I tried making one up a while back using the 3 columns, but it isn’t the most aesthetic (see ) . My customers usually land from my Main site to one of the pages inside, Thanks.

robertlott says

Patrick, I made my Product Gallery my home page ( How does this address your post above.

Art Storefronts says

Hey Robert, we’re only going to be providing direct feedback on the ASF Forum! Post your request in this thread instead:

Art Storefronts says

Hi Dominique, mind posting this comment in our Forum thread for this video? That’s where ASF customers are going to be chatting about homepage design and giving each other feedback. The thread is here:

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