Site Optimization, Lesson 2 – Navigation Bar Design and the Buyer’s Mindset



The Case Study Results

After implementing the techniques discussed in this video, see how Madaras Gallery improved their bounce rates by 400%, and how they dramatically increased the number of people who actually started the shopping process rather than immediately leaving their website on the first visit.

Video Highlights

00:45 – Reviewing’s navigation design
02:29 – Reviewing SaatchiArt’s navigation design
03:12 – An example of bad/confusing nav design
03:40 – What your customer wants from a nav bar
04:47 – Grouping nav bar items by category
05:47 – Don’t separate originals from prints!
07:33 – How to sell originals + prints side-by-side on ASF
08:12 – Key take-aways

Video Transcript

Prefer to read instead of watch? No problem. You can read the transcript and download it for free via the link below.

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