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Art marketing calendar

Meet the Art Marketing Calendar – A Time-Saving Solution for Artists

A look at the Art Marketing Calendar – a powerful tool to help artists stay focused on the marketing tasks that will have the biggest impact on their art business.

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Timelapse Videos for Instagram: The Artist’s Ultimate Romance Content

Why artists should be creating timelapse videos for Instagram, how to do it with Instagram’s Hyperlapse app, and some additional equipment and strategy tips.

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Copywriting for Artists: What to Write for Your Home Page and Category Pages

A professional copywriter’s advice on how to make the most of the text on your home page and category pages.

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Build Your Audience By Offering Mobile Wallpapers of Your Art

Why artists should be offering their audiences free mobile wallpaper versions of their art, plus instructions on how to create one and where to share it.

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Mathieu Laca's online store and Instagram page are visible in this cover image.

[Case Study] How Instagram Ads Resulted in a 688% Increase in Traffic

More…How one artist leveraged his popular Instagram posts as ads, gaining over 3,000 new followers and driving 688% more traffic to his site in the process.More… Today’s case study is on Mathieu Laca – a contemporary portrait painter from Quebec, Canada. His work is held in private and public art collections in 12 countries across 4 continents. […]

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Examples of Effective Instagram Stories for Artists

Instagram Stories for artists, what are they, why are they important, examples Stories you can use as a creative sandbox to get better at creating your own.

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4th of July Email Marketing Guide for Artists

How to market your art for the 4th of July, complete with subject line examples and tips on email body copy.

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art website features

The 5 Cornerstone Features Your Website Needs to Sell Art Online

Want to consistently sell art through your own website? Here are the 5 features you need to make it happen.

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art storefronts mission

Our Mission: Solving the Starving Artist Problem

The starving artist problem, how we are working to solve it with our Success Ecosystem, and an inside look at our promise to our customers and overall mission as a company.

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Father’s Day Email Marketing Guide for Artists

A complete Father’s Day email marketing guide for artists – why you should take advantage of this holiday and examples of copy you can use for a 3-part email campaign.

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