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Art Marketing Hack: The Email + Facebook Ad Combo Technique

How to utilize and integrate Instagram and Facebook ads with email marketing – why it’s a powerful technique and examples of copy to use.

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art storefronts

The #1 Reason Artists Fail At Making a Living Selling Art (And What You Can Do About It)

Is talent alone the key to making a living selling art? We beg to differ. Learn about how education and execution will give you an edge to succeed at selling art.

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mothers day email marketing

[Art Marketing Calendar] Mother’s Day Email Marketing Guide for Artists

Everything you need to run your Mother’s Day email marketing campaign – why it’s important, how many emails to send, subject line/body copy tips, and more.

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selling multi-panel art

[new feature] Introducing The Multi-Panel Art Wall

An overview of our new Multi-Panel Art Wall product and how it is the greatest up-sell that we have seen yet in the art world.

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site visitors aren't buying

Why Your Site Visitors Aren’t Buying Your Art (And What to Do About It)

A guide for artists with site traffic but no sales – how to communicate to your audience that your art is for sale, homepage layout, navigation bar tips, and more.

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interactive art calendar

[new feature] Interactive Art Calendar Product

Our new Interactive Art Calendar Product, making the case for selling art on calendars, and how we’ve perfected it with 3D preview technology.

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Auto-Responders for Artists: Your New Personal Assistant

Email marketing automation advice for artists – setting up a Welcome Sequence autoresponder, what to write, and how to set it up in MailChimp.

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artist copywriting audits

3 Copywriting Audit Videos for Artists – Writing the Perfect Home Page, Store Page, and Bio

Pro copywriter Kimberly Houston lends her expertise in this series of three copywriting audits for artists – how to write a strong home page, bio, and more.

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How to Build Sustained Traffic to Your Art Website

Learn how to build sustained traffic to grow your art sales by focusing on what matters most: collecting contacts and increasing your contact conversion rate.

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[new theme] Introducing Famous

Introducing Famous – a new minimalistic yet striking theme that displays your billboard underneath your site navigation at the top of your website.

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