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art side business

13 Reasons Why an Online Art Gallery is the Perfect Side Business

How an online art gallery fits into the contemporary way of selling art, and 13 reasons to make one your new side business.

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single page buying experience

[new feature] Sell Prints, Originals, Limited Editions, + Multi-Panels All On One Page

Sell four different versions (art prints, limited editions, the original, and multi-panels) of the same image all on one page with this conversion-boosting evolution of our product page design.

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art fair preparation

11 Tips for Running Successful Art Shows

A few of our favorite art show tips that will help you remove buyer friction and maximize sales at art fairs and festivals.

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Where to sell your art.

The 5 Main Options to Sell Your Art: Pros & Cons

The five primary ways to sell your art in the current market, plus a breakdown of the pros and cons to each.

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how to price artwork

How to Price Your Artwork for Maximum Success

Deconstructing what drives the pricing of artwork, and how to price your artwork online if you are just starting out (or have only sold offline).

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holiday art marketing

7 Reasons Artists Can’t Afford to Miss Out On the Holiday Season

Our thoughts on why the holiday season is so critical to a proper year-round strategy for artists, and how participating in it can significantly change your income.

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Art Storefronts Detective

[new feature] Art Buyer Visit Tracking with Detective

Gain more insight into your site visitors and customers than ever before with Detective: a supercharged analytics tool purpose-built for artists.

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how many art pieces do I need

How many images should you have before you open your online art gallery?

The perfect number of images to launch your online art gallery with, and how it directly relates to the way in which you release new content.

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online art gallery

Running Your Own Art Gallery Business, Online: A Way of Selling Art That is Working Right Now for Artists

As the traditional ways of selling art become less and less effective, it’s more critical than ever to be running your own art gallery business, online.

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How to Write Effective Product Descriptions for Your Artwork

Understanding buyer psychology, and 3 steps to write an effective product description that creates an emotional experience for your buyers.

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