Gaining Traction: 3 Lessons to Successfully Launch A Print Studio eCommerce Website

The three most important lessons you can learn to successfully launch a print business eCommerce website, and our thoughts on where those who fail when taking their printing company online typically go wrong.

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What Our Top Fine Art & Photo Printing Companies Are Doing to Get High Conversion Rates (And How You Can Do It Too)

We publish some data on print studio conversion rates , some insight into what these successful companies are doing right, and how you can increase your revenue by becoming a data-driven business.

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facebook geo targeting

You’re Not Geo-Fencing with Facebook Ads? (Learn What and How)

Geo-fencing with Facebook Ads, we define it, bring you up to speed on how to run them, and feature a case study on their use.

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Art Storefronts Overview & Pricing Info

Art Storefronts Overview & General Pricing Information

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A Print Studio’s Most Expensive Customer

Identify your most expensive customers, how to attract more profitable customers to your fine art and/or photo printing studio, and a wake-up call to the absolute necessity of offering a self-service ordering option.

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How to use emojis in email

Make Email Subject Lines ? Pop ? with Emojis ?

An overview of subject line emojis, how to add emoticons to email subject lines in MailChimp, how to check if your subscribers will actually see them, and overall thoughts on if they’re a good idea to use.

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email form

Case Study #03 – 1 Email Pop-Up, 1 Month, 824 Email Opt-Ins Later

The email pop-up, who uses them and why, a case study on pop-ups, and some general takeaways on email capture.

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Anatomy of a Successful Artist’s Home Page

The elements of designing a home page to sell art online – info buyers expect to be able to find, the importance of a pro logo, satisfaction guarantee, and more.

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Organic Traffic

Case Study #02 – Our SEO Tips and Their Impact on Organic Traffic

Making the case for doing basic SEO on your site, a real life case study, some recommended tools, and how you can boost your organic traffic today, and what it can drop to the bottom line

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holiday email marketing

Effective Art Email Marketing Strategies for Holidays

The necessity of holiday email marketing, how crucial it is to art sellers, and our best advice on how to approach it before it’s too late.

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