Your Favorite Content of the Year (2017 Edition)

As the year comes to a close, let’s take a look back at the blog, video, and podcast content you paid the most attention to in 2017.

2017 was a heck of a year for us here at Art Storefronts.

In January, we launched the Art Marketing Podcast.

In the summer, we released the Art Marketing Calendar, and made significant upgrades to our Blog.

In September, we launched #SmallWins – a private Facebook group for our customers to chat with each other (and us) about anything and everything to do with developing and building their own art gallery business, online.

And, in November, we produced our most robust and in-depth Holiday Art Marketing Playbook yet – packed with tactics and strategies to make the most of the busiest art-selling time of the year.

We’re proud of what we accomplished in 2017, so we hope you’ll allow us a quick victory lap as we take this look back at the content you enjoyed most in 2017.

Here are the four categories we’ll be ranking. (Click the links to jump to a category.)

Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2017

#1 – 10 Things You Must Do to Sell Original Art Online

Mathieu Laca is pictured here in front of his artwork.


Proof that original artwork sells online, with examples of originals sold by Art Storefronts customers, and specific steps on how to sell original art online.

#2 – Running Your Own Art Gallery Business, Online: A Way of Selling Art That is Working Right Now for Artists


As the traditional ways of selling art become less and less effective, it’s more critical than ever to be running your own art gallery business, online.

#3 – The 5 Cornerstone Features Your Website Needs to Sell Art Online


Want to consistently sell art through your own website? Here are the 5 features you need to make it happen.

#4 – 3 Fundamental Rules to Sell Art Online


Why people like to “buy” and not “be sold”, three rules to learn before attempting to sell art online, and how to use them to tempt art buyers’ emotions and validate their decision to make a purchase.

#5 – How many images should you have before you open your online art gallery?


The perfect number of images to launch your online art gallery with, and how it directly relates to the way in which you release new content.

Key Features We Released In 2017

(the most critical new features we added to our software this year)

» Art Buyer Visit Tracking with Detective

Art Storefronts Detective

Gain more insight into your site visitors and customers than ever before with Detective: a supercharged analytics tool purpose-built for artists.

» Meet the Art Marketing Calendar – A Time-Saving Solution for Artists

A look at the Art Marketing Calendar – a powerful tool to help artists stay focused on the marketing tasks that will have the biggest impact on their art business.

» The Multi-Panel Art Wall

An overview of our new Multi-Panel Art Wall product and how it is the greatest up-sell that we have seen yet in the art world.

» Sell Prints, Originals, Limited Editions, + Multi-Panels All On One Page

Sell four different versions (art prints, limited editions, the original, and multi-panels) of the same image all on one page with this conversion-boosting evolution of our product page design.

» Interactive Art Calendar Product

Our new Interactive Art Calendar Product, making the case for selling art on calendars, and how we’ve perfected it with 3D preview technology.

Most Watched Videos of 2017

#1 – The Holiday Art Marketing Playbook – Part 1


#2 – Is Your Website Optimized to Sell Art? (Part 2)


#3 – Greatest Hits from October 2017


#4 – Is Your Website Optimized to Sell Art? (Part 1)


#5 – How to Upload Your Data to Facebook & Creating an Audience for Ads


Most Listened to Podcast Episodes of 2017

#1 – Pivoting to Find Your Niche with Artist William K. Stidham

find your art niche

  • 7.1k listens

Bill Stidham on changing subject matter to find your art niche, and hitting the pavement to build a sustainable online/offline hybrid art business.

#2 – The “Does My Art Suck?” Test – Part 1

  • 6.0k listens

A 1-question quiz to help you determine if you’re ready to sell your art online.

#3 – How to Combine Online and Offline Selling with Artist Kim Vergil

  • 4.0k listens

Learn how to combine online and offline art selling tactics. How to stack a number of small wins into a big win.

#4 – Learn What (and How) to Post on Facebook and Instagram

  • 3.6k listens

Hiscox reports Instagram has overtaken Facebook as the top social platform for the online art market – here’s our top Instagram marketing tips for artists.

#5 – Why Most Artists Fail at Facebook Ads

  • 3.3k listens

Advertising on Facebook is so powerful for artists – so why do most fail at it, and how do you run a successful campaign?

Final Thoughts + Our Plans for 2018

For us, this year was defined by learning.

Learning how we can better teach artists to successfully market their art. Learning what media formats you guys respond to. Learning how to do what we do best, even better.

And that’s something that will continue into the new year. In 2018, we look to evolve even further – releasing more cutting-edge content, and making our customer-exclusive resources more powerful than ever.

We hope you’ll join us for another year of learning, and selling art!

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