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Announcing The Site Auditor™ – Your New Art-Selling Personal Assistant

A new Art Storefronts-exclusive tool that keeps you informed in real-time of the best practices you have and haven’t implemented on your site.

We move at light speed here at Art Storefronts.

We are running new art marketing case studies every month. We make new discoveries. Many of the winning discoveries get reported back here on the blog. All of them get posted within our Success Plan, and further discussion about strategies takes place in our Members Only Forum.

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For example, getting your SEO setup properly and not arbitrarily. Setting up your site to minimize bounce rates. Optimizing your navigation menu. Displaying trust badges. Adding Lead Capture.

We can go on and on. Each one of these best practices is a little win. Individually, each one will provide a small incremental gain. But when they are all working together, this is what makes the big wins possible.

All in all, we have created an ecosystem designed to maximize the number of art sellers that follow state-of-the-art best practices in terms of site optimization and art marketing.

Yet despite the system we have implemented, we have found that on the average, pretty much every Art Storefronts customer has overlooked at least 2-3 extremely important aspects in regards to site setup and marketing implementation.

The Problem

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Now, before we proceed, it should be noted that these customers are all far ahead of the game in the first place. By implementing what they already have, they are far better equipped and positioned to succeed online than your average artist. And succeeding online takes time. So this in and of itself is a really good thing.

But selling art online is really hard.

If there is anything we have learned about being successful at selling art online, it is that all the small little things you do eventually turn into wins.

When you are missing one or more of these best practices, it is truly shocking how much it can impact your art sales. In just one small example, we documented this in Site Optimization Lesson 1: Home Page as a Gallery of Subject Matter Categories, where the simple task of NOT having a big image or slideshow of images on your home page and instead having a gallery of subject matter categories resulted in a 400% improvement.

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So overall, the importance of following best practices is the main reason that we equip every Art Storefronts customer with both a Launch Guide, a Success Plan, and all of the known Critical Art-Selling Features. Without these tools, well, let’s just say its going to be really tough.

Thankfully, the vast majority of our customers follow and implement 80%+. It’s really easy to do if you can just follow instructions, so most of our customers are following 80-100% of best practices at the time of launch. Key phrase: At the time of launch.

But what happens 6-12 months after launch is the crux of the problem. People get busy. Which, we understand and applaud. Being a busy art seller is a good sign.

Let’s face it. People are also lazy.


However, the Art Storefronts show is going on. If you follow this blog at all, you realize we are making new discoveries every month. Some of them minor, some of them major.

Regardless, every new tactic or strategy we discuss is something that will incrementally improve every art business. More changes. More improvements. And, more small wins. As such, we urge everyone to get the latest best practices implemented.

Yet even if you are one of those who follows everything, it’s still easy to miss stuff (everyone does). Furthermore, it’s easy to read something on your phone and forget that you really should take a few minutes to implement a new best practice.

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And so if our goal is to create an ecosystem that maximizes the number of art sellers that follow state-of-the-art best practices, we needed a new solution.

A solution that would not only ensure that a new customer would launch with Art Storefronts and be following to best practices, but that would do everything it could to keep them following best practices as time progressed and new important discoveries were made.

A solution that would work for everyone – even the busiest and most successful art sellers on our platform. Something easy and simple for everyone.

Enter: The Site Auditor™

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By definition, The Site Auditor is an automated tool that ensures that every Art Storefronts customer is implementing a state-of-the-art setup based on best practices both right now, and in the future as new “success discoveries” are made.

It is a simple list of best practices regarding your website setup, and you can access it at any time.

With our proprietary algorithm, it will display positive or negative feedback based on whether you have properly implemented a specific best practice. This way, you know exactly what you need to fix at any time in order to stay on track.

Furthermore, each best practice has a tooltip that explains what it is and links you directly to resources on our blog and in our knowledgebase so that you can understand each concept and have a step-by-step guide to fix it.

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And perhaps most importantly, as new best practices are discovered by the ASF team — they will be added to the Site Auditor.

This will allow the Site Auditor to perform its own automated audit on your site on the first day of every month, in order to send you a warning if you are missing one of the critical best practices.

So regardless of how busy or up-to-date any customer is, this will ensure that all customers have a quick and easy way to meet all of the known best practices both now and in the future as we keep adding them.

The Site Auditor is like an assistant, working tirelessly for you behind the scenes, reminding you of the best practices you are missing out on.

The best part is, this assistant will never stop working for you. Even as you get busier and busier and it gets harder to stay on top of our best practices.

The Site Auditor is available to all ASF art sellers, and it is located within The Success Plan.

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