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[new feature] Announcing the Conversion Doctor

A new proprietary analytics dashboard that gives art sellers and printing companies a complete, linear view of their conversion funnel.

When you’re in the business of selling art, or you’re printing art for others, traffic is precious.

Maybe you have enough of it, maybe you don’t.

Maybe you think you need more traffic because you are not seeing sales, when your real problem is that you just need to convert the traffic you already have.

Regardless of which situation you are in, there is one indisputable fact that remains:

Traffic is expensive, hard to obtain, which therefore makes it a very precious commodity and you should treat it as such.

Because, if you want to maximize your art sales, you simply need to convert as much of your traffic into paying customers as possible. It’s as simple as that.

This is why the 20 Must Have Features to Sell Art Online are so crucial. This is why displaying Trust Elements are so crucial. This is why your home page must be set up as a page of subject matter categories in order to minimize bounce rates and should not be some big slideshow of images, which we’ve already documented as a conversion killer.

An Example

analytics for artists

Let’s look at a practical example.

Let’s say you currently get 100 unique visitors per month and have a website that converts at a 1% conversion rate.

This means you will convert 1 order per month. Let’s assume your average order size is $200. This is $200 per month, or $2,400 per year. Are you following me? Good.

Let’s assume it is possible to improve that conversion rate to 3%. This means you will convert 3 orders per month.

It sounds like a small improvement, but it is not. It’s a 200% improvement – instead of earning $200 per month in sales, you’ll be earning $600 per month! And instead of earning $2,400 a year in sales, you’ll be earning $7,200.

making money selling art online

That’s an income increase of $4,800 just by converting the precious traffic you have at a slightly higher percentage.

Do you now see how important it is to maximize the conversions of the traffic you already have? Great.

Maximizing conversions of your existing traffic is the easiest, simplest, cheapest, and most immediate way to make more money. It doesn’t require you to improve your SEO and rely on Google for results. It doesn’t require you to buy advertising or spend more money to bring more fish into the boat. Besides, none of this makes sense when your boat is already leaking. It’s leaking conversions you could already be making.

And for those who are playing with larger numbers, the differences become even more significant. Just imagine if you were doing $20,000 per month, and you increased your revenue to $60,000 (a 200% growth), just by optimizing your conversion rates. That’s serious money.

But now that you can see the importance of maximizing your conversion rates, you can see how important a role technology plays in determining how much money you will make from your art business.

Enter The Conversion Doctor

art storefronts analytics

Maximizing your conversion rates is so important, that we decided to build one of the most exciting features ever announced here at Art Storefronts.

It is another feature that does not exist anywhere but here.

Furthermore, if you understand and care about conversion rates as much as we do, this feature is likely to impact your business over the years far more than any other feature we currently provide.

Today, we are proud to announce the release of The Conversion Doctor.

The Conversion Doctor is the first-ever “conversion dashboard” that allows you to see every single step of the conversion funnel for all of your traffic sources.

This isn’t any old boiler-plate dashboard of conversion metrics. Oh, no. This is a conversion dashboard specifically designed for those who either sell art online, or sell art & photo printing services online.

How it Works

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.00.22 PM

Let’s say you’re an artist or photographer and you want to analyze the quality of a traffic source such as Google Organic.

With The Conversion Doctor, you can see what percentage of your visitors became a contact (i.e. “Contact Conversion”). You can then see the percentage of visitors that actually reached a shopping page.

Then, you can see the percentage that actually reached an individual product buying page. After that, you can see the percentage that actually added something to their shopping cart. And finally, the percentage of visitors that completed a checkout.

What the Conversion Doctor Can Do for Art Sellers

art sales conversions

If you’re an art seller, watch this video and see how quickly we are able to diagnose conversion problems of several photographers.

These are photographers who otherwise have built seemingly great websites.

After watching this video and implementing the advice, these photographers are going to dramatically improve the performance of their websites and their sales for years to come, thanks to the Conversion Doctor.



What the Conversion Doctor Can Do for Printing Companies

conversion doctor

Or, let’s say you’re a fine art and photo printing company and you want to analyze the performance of your website; specifically, what percentage of your visitors are actually reaching your upload page, what percentage are actually taking the step to upload, and what percentage of these are actually buying.

If this is you, watch this video and see how quickly we are able to diagnose multiple problems of an Art Storefronts customer using the Conversion Doctor:



Wrapping Up: What You Need to Know

conversion funnel analytics

The main purposes of The Conversion Doctor are to:

  1. Help you diagnose critical problems that are preventing people from ordering

    For example, you may have a decent amount of traffic coming into your website right now. But they aren’t ordering, and you have no idea where they are getting hung up. The Conversion Doctor will tell you exactly where this is happening, so you can start thinking about how to fix it.
  2. Help you understand which traffic sources are producing the best results

    Just seeing an overall traffic count is and checkout conversion rate is not enough. Often times, certain traffic sources are great at capturing email addresses for future sales. Other traffic sources are great for capturing immediate purchases.

    If you were only looking at a checkout conversion rate, you are likely to dismiss the other traffic sources that are producing tremendous value in the form of audience building and future sales opportunities. And a poor decision like this would be a colossal mistake for the future of your art business.

In short, we built The Conversion Doctor to help you maximize conversions on the precious traffic you currently have, as well as the traffic you plan to build in the near future.

Where to Find the Conversion Doctor

The Conversion Doctor is available on the stats dashboard in your ASF Site Manager.

Art Storefronts Conversion Doctor

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