A Message for Artists/photographers from CEO Nick Friend 

As CEO of Art Storefronts, I can tell you that we are at a critical moment of time in the art world.

A time that will have serious implications over the next few years, and the next decade to come.

Right now, there are two very different types of art sellers out there.

The first group consists of those who are stuck in the past, hoping for the old ways to come back. The time when galleries thrived and art shows were profitable.

They have no idea the art market is actually booming right now — almost exclusively so for individual phottographers and artists, and not anyone else.

Meanwhile, the second group has already moved forward. They are the ones looking at everyone else in the rearview mirror. Participating in the boom this entire year and already geared up for what is about to come — the biggest art-selling time of year (the 4th quarter).

While everyone else has been stagnant, playing defense — these artists have been adapting and playing offense.

As a result, they've been experiencing record levels of art sales since the pandemic hit. Many will post all-time sales records in 2020.

I’m not asking you to believe me.

The evidence is everywhere, you just need to take the time to educate yourself,

Look these folks up. Contact them We are literally publishing new details about this every few days and citing their full names.

None of these people are famous. None of them are “big names”.

But there is one key difference between those who are thriving right now and those who are not.

A difference that is crucially important, and once you hear it, you can compare it to your own situation and see where you stand.

Here it is;

The artists who are thriving right now are taking the online market extremely seriously. 

They know it is the future and they've accepted they need to get really good at running online businesses.

Read that again.

Read that again because once you have truly understood this, it will affect every decision your make going forward.

You will see everything you do through the lens of whether it is making you more capable as an online art seller, or less.

And this brings me right back to why we are at such a critical time in the art world.

The artists and photographers that understand the above are leaved their peers in the dust and have the sales to prove it.

They are mastering the skills required to run a successful art business in this new world, and they are doing so at an incredible pace.
These skills cannot be mastered in one month, let alone one year. They are skills that only improve with effort, experience, and ultimately wisdom.

If you decide three years from now that you're finally ready to learn how to run a sustainable online art business, you'll be on Day 1 while this group is on Day 1,000.

The time is now. 

The most successful artists of the future will be 95% comprised of those who run their own art gallery business and sell direct, right from their own homes.

By doing their own marketing and selling directly to consumers, they will making the most money from their art – not galleries, not marketplaces, not anyone else.

They will own everything (i.e. their customer lists), and they will be able to create consistent sales.

There will be tens of thousands of these artists and photographers, possibly more.

This isn’t speculation. This is already happening. I can say that with 100% certainty because it is happening before my eyes.

The success was already building, and the pandemic has only accelerated it.

So, if you wanted to know who is succeeding right now, and what you need to do — now you know.

That was the purpose of this email.

If this is the start of you doing more research on this topic, fantastic. Do it. Your future depends on it.

We recommend this blog post: How Painter Jeanine Colini is Growing her Art Sales Online.

If you already knew this deep down, and are finally starting to execute on it, then let me tell you that I believe in you.

The entire playing field has been levaled for you.

I am seeing brand new artists and photographers vastly outselling legacy artists who have big names and awards, but primarily sold in galleries and shows that no longer exist.

It has nothing to do  with the art per se; it's as simple as one group properly executing where there is vibrant demand for art while the other is not.

The opportunity is wide open for the taking.

Nick Friend
CEO and Owner
Art Storefronts


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