Tour Art Storefronts – It All Starts with A Proper Website

#1 It All Starts With A Website


The art buying process is incredibly visual.  To sell art online you need to take the visual process of buying art offline and move it online. 

It's not about one feature.  It's a combination of several features that sells art online.


Live 3D Previews of Media Options

“Canvas gallery wrap.” You know what it is, we know what it is, but most consumers don't. The solution is the Live 3D Preview – a visual representation of what a given media type will actually look like.


“Exploded” List of Media Type Options

With an exploded list, the visitor immediately sees – right when they land on the page – every single media type available with a small thumbnail image, and they didn’t have to click anything or do anything at all to see them.


Live Framing Previews

The live framing tool is a critical aide in helping consumers complete a buying decision, even if they don’t plan on buying a frame from your website.

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Your own art gallery

Art Storefronts allows you to be your own art gallery so you aren't dependent on other galleries. You don't have to wait to be discovered, or called, or emailed by any galleries. You don't have to fit any of their aesthetics. You are your own gallery.

Mathieu Laca Artist

Website FAQ

Do you provide a website?

Yes. You get to pick from a range of themes.

Can I use my own URL / domain?

Yes.  If you own, for example, then your new art gallery website can live on that URL.

Is Art Storefronts a marketplace?

No. You get your own website – you own it and are responsible for selling your art with it.

Who builds the site?

The website is already built, but you'll customize it with your own art, prices, domain name, etc.

Can I sell other types of items apart from wall hanging art

Yes, you can sell all sorts of items (sculptures, calendars, clothing, books, etc.)

Can I keep my existing site?


Who hosts the website?

We do. You never need to pay for any additional website hosting.

Can I add Wall Preview to a site I already have?

No.  All of our features are exclusive to our websites and cannot be added à la carte to a website built with another platform.

Can I set my own pricing?

Yes, you have full control over all your product prices.

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I highly recommend Art Storefronts

In the couple of months I have been with ASF my website visits have doubled. I highly recommend Art Storefronts to all artists who want to set up a website that can be used as a beautiful gallery as well as an appealing art store, and have their art business flourish.

Frantisek Strouhal Artist

What Do These Websites Look Like?

All of our themes are simple and minimal in design. Why? To closely replicate the offline buying experience of an art gallery. Our themes are designed from the ground up to focus on one thing: selling more art.

Here's a taste of a few of our most popular themes:

fortune theme


famous theme


daring theme

DARING (dark)

prestige theme


sleek theme


contemporary theme


make your mark

Customizable Themes

Our themes are designed to look beautiful and maximize your conversions automatically, out of the box. But, should you want to customize any aspect of your theme using HTML, CSS, or JS – you can.

art storefronts edit themes

Here's a few of our customer's sites

Mathieu Laca


Megh Knappenberger


Kimberly Cammerata


Varial* Photography


Katherine Gendreau

FINE ART photography

Diana Madaras

Painter & Gallery Owner

Susan Michal


Nieto Fine Art


parima studio


#2 The Back-Office Tools

Less Time On Paperwork and More Time Creating

You are an artist.  You don't want to spend your time on paperwork, fulfillment, taxes, order management, or statistics.  Art Storefronts  provides and even automates a great deal of the back office business tools you will need to run a successful art gallery online.

Art Storefronts Print On Demand

After selecting a print partner, when you receive an order, they will print and ship it, and you'll get paid immediately.
All of this happens automatically, without you having to lift a finger. 

Art Storefronts APPROVED Print Partners


Next Level Tracking and Analytics w/ " Detective"

Gain more insight into your site visitors and customers than ever before with Detective: a supercharged analytics tool purpose-built for artists.


Easy Uploading with Automatic Size Calculation for Prints

Let the system do the grunt work for you, no longer manually enter the sizes for every product.


Dead Simple Media, Frame and Price Management

Create default pricing, media and frame settings that automatically apply when you create new products. So you don't have to create the options for every product and changes to prints apply across the board.

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ASF has implemented excellent tools and features needed to run and operate an online art store

I am an artist and an IT major. I can tell you that based on my experience in the IT industry and working with various eCommerce platforms, Art Storefronts has implemented excellent tools and features needed to run and operate an online art store. They provide their clients with effective and efficient business intelligence tools geared toward the artist, a nice database structure, and a easy use platform for the artist to manage an operate their site. The nice part is that they are consistently looking to implement new ideas.

Johnny Todd Artist

Print on Demand FAQ

Can I use my own printer?

Yes, you are not required to use our printing options to work with Art Storefronts.

Can I self-fulfill other items?

Yes. You have total control.

Who are your printers?

We work with some of the top labs and fine art reproduction studios in North America.

Can I still sign and number prints?


Can I sell originals only? Do I have to sell prints?

You can offer originals only, you have complete control over what is offered on your Art Storefronts site

Can I control media types, sizes and frames that I offer

Yes, you have complete control over what is offered on your Art Storefronts site

What kind of files do I need to have to offer prints?

Files need to be a minimum of 150-300 DPI, and can be up to 100 MB in size.

What do I need to use Automated Print Fulfillment?

Once you have your work scanned or photographed you need to provide the file to print from. 

Can I utilize POD without having a website on your platform?

No, our POD service is only available with our platform and hosting service

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The platform I’ve been looking for

The Art Storefronts platform, support, and all-encompassing approach to helping artists succeed is beyond expectations. The difficulty of creating a marketing strategy that works and a website that actually sells is made so much easier with the support of the wonderful staff here. Personal email support, forums, tutorial videos and articles...I have finally found the platform I’ve been looking for.

Douglas Fischer Artist

#3 Marketing That Works.

Our Secret Sauce Combined With The Data From 2000+ Customers On
What Is Working Right Now.

Okay so your website is what? Marketing. But don't worry, We'll show you what to do and when to do it – all year long.

With Art Storefronts, you are never alone. You'll have access to all of our art marketing teachings, as well as a rich community of fellow artists all getting better at selling art online everyday.

#SmallWins is our private Facebook group just for ASF customers.

Why call it "Small Wins"? Our philosophy on selling a ton of art is that it's done by stacking small wins. It is never any one thing. It is showing up day-in and day-out, doing the work, and stacking the small wins. Whether it's your first sale or your 100th.  

On the Facebook Group, we get together in community, teach the latest and greatest in art marketing, hold each other accountable, and celebrate the #SmallWins.

What do #SmallWins Look like?

Ready to start stacking your own #SmallWins?

Marketing FAQ

Do you sell my art for me?

No, we coach on best practices and provide tools so you can build your own brand and business.

Do you have a list of art buyers?

No, buying a massive list of random art buyers is not going to be effective because art is sold based on the buyers’ emotional connection to the subject matter - something you need to develop over time. But don't worry, we'll teach you how to do that.

Do you have a public gallery where you list all of the Art Storefronts clients & their art?

No, Art Storefronts is not a marketplace – we provide personal art gallery websites for artists & photographers.

​How do people find me?

You need a successful marketing plan that is proven to work. We'll show you best practices for getting maximum exposure for your art, but you will need to do the work yourself.

Can people find me at

No, Art Storefronts is not a marketplace or public art gallery.

​Can I just use your marketing expertise?

No, our marketing plans are designed to work with our advanced art-selling website features. 

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My Favorite Website Platform

I've had websites on different platforms, and this has been the biggest investment. In fact, I put this off for over a year for this reason, but I wish I hadn't! This has been an amazing experience so far. The best part? The support. The platform makes sense, but with the helpful support team, technical questions answered quickly, and even best of all - the education on business and marketing (complete with a marketing calendar and holiday playbook!) - this is my favorite website platform of all. If you are hesitating due to cost, look at the marketing piece again, and reconsider. I'm glad I did.

Brenda Scott Fine Artist

What Are Folks Saying About Art Storefronts

Anybody can put a bunch of supposed testimonials on a webpage. That's why we prefer real Facebook Reviews from real customers. Check out a few of our 100+ 5-Star reviews on Facebook:


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