Interview: Artist Who Just Sold $10,000+ Through Her Website In a Week During the Pandemic

Lifted up by the surging art market, artists and photographers who implement a basic marketing strategy are racking up Black Friday-level sales.

The virus has changed everything for photographers and artists. Namely – for the first time in history, 100% of the art market is online.

And demand is soaring. With millions working from home for the foreseeable future, forced to create new, productive workspaces, wall art has become a top-seller alongside home office furniture, electronics, etc.

For one example of what that looks like, let's look at the results of an art sale Megh Knappenberger just ran. 

In one week, she sold:

  • 22 ​open edition prints
  • 18 limited edition prints
  • 2 originals
  • $10,000+ in total revenue
​​That's all through her own website just by doing some effective marketing on Instagram and via email.

As soon as we heard about Megh's success, we invited her to share her story on one of our Art Business Consulting Workshops (currently being run 4X a week).

Here's a portion of that conversation:
This is the perfect example of why Art Storefronts members tend to outperform others:
  1. Everyone follows the same marketing strategy (provided by us)
  2. Megh brought in a ton of sales
  3. She shared the full details with all of our members so they can incorporate the learnings into their own strategy
We highlighted Megh in this post because we thought the video would be useful to share with you, but we could have selected any number of photographers and artists bringing in wins right now.
In March, Art Storefronts members cumulatively sold 49% more art than they did during the same period of the previous year. 

In the first week of April, that number increased to 150%.

In the second week, it increased again to 160%.

All this to say, the online art market is exploding right now, and photographers and artists that show up for it will be benefiting for many months to come.
If you have your sights set on the next level, we're currently running an amazing deal for new members.

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